Esta semana en Cuarto Milenio ’11 misterios del 11-S’

Domingo 27 de octubre 2013 en Cuatro (No he podido averiguar si empieza a las 24 o 24:45 horas) 11 misterios del 11-S Cientos de miles de personas en todo el mundo siguen defendiendo que el atentado del 11S contra las Torres Gemelas y el Pentágono fue en realidad un autoatentado llevado a cabo por […]

Mind Body Soul Radio: Spiritual Introduction

A spiritual introduction to Mind Body Soul Radio. Greg Fernandez Jr. explains his view on what “The Church” is. “I want to be a part of the real church.” There is One Church. Christ is the head of the church and the people are the body of the church. This is a very spiritual show, […]

46 Senators betrayed you, disregarded your rights

We came within only four votes from the United States Senate giving our Constitutional rights over to the United Nations. In a 53-46 vote, the senate narrowly passed a measure that will stop the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.  The U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which has been championed by […]

Republican candidates stand up for states rights regarding marijuana

By: Alex Webb, Medical Marijuana prohibition and decriminalization maybe a thing of the past sooner then we realize. The issue is certainly a hot topic during this election, especially after the flat out lie and total opposite of the support promised by our current administration. President Obama has not only moved to heighten the […]

Real-life exorcist shares stories of possessions

The priest who inspired the Warner Brothers movie “The Rite,” which starred Sir Anthony Hopkins is in Phoenix for the premiere of a new docudrama about the rite of exorcism. Father Gary Thomas, a priest in Saratoga, Calif. and one of more than a dozen Vatican-certified exorcists in the U.S., appears in “The Rite of […]