Higgs Boson hunt over: CERN scientists at Large Hadron Collider find ‘God particle’ – Or Did They?

Stereotypes of scientists as stern-faced and emotionless were tossed aside on Wednesday when physicists reacted with joy and tears to CERN’s announcement about the Higgs boson. The new find is “consistent with (the) long-sought Higgs boson,” CERN declared in a statement. He and others cautioned, though, that further work was needed to identify what exactly […]

Bilderberg 2012 Documentary: Bilderberg It and They Will Come

(OverBitesPictures)   A documentary highlighting eyewitness accounts of the 2012 Bilderberg Group protest including Alex Jones, Charlie Skelton, and Luke Rudkowski. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0Q2KRFB5ic www.overbitespictures.com Director/Editor – Colin Scianamblo Producer/Cinematographer – Nigel Lyons Federal Jack              

Police Unveil Plan To Stop Gang Shootings Before They Start

(CBS CHICAGO)   Following another bloody weekend of gang mayhem in Chicago, Mayor Emanuel and his top police commanders on Tuesday announced a new plan to help stop the bloodshed. Armed with new computer-generated analysis, police will now target gang members they believe could be prime suspects in any planned retaliation for earlier gang shootings. Under […]

Miami Beach Police Deny They Have a 2,000 Person Arrest Quota for Memorial Day Weekend

(MIAMI NEW TIMES)   Are Miami Beach Police planning to arrest 2,000 people during the notorious Memorial Day weekend parties on South Beach? As in they’ve actually set a quota regardless of whether or not 2,000 deserve to be arrested. To put that in prospective, the record number of arrests over Memorial Day weekend ever in […]

Sent to the asylum: Victorian women locked up because they were suffering from stress, post natal depression and anxiety

These days, work stress, postnatal depression and anxiety are addressed with compassion. But just a few generations ago, the women who suffered from these conditions, were confined to an asylum. The compelling portraits shown here, taken by Victorian photographer Henry Hering in the mid-19th century, have a haunting quality. But apart from the women’s pensive […]

Armed Neo-Nazis Patrolling Sanford, Say They Are ‘Prepared’ for Post-Trayvon Martin Violence

ShareThis Armed Neo-Nazis Patrolling Sanford, Say They Are ‘Prepared’ for Post-Trayvon Martin Violence 06 Apr 2012 Neo-Nazis are currently conducting heavily armed patrols in and around Sanford, Florida and are “prepared” for violence in the case of a race riot. The patrols are to protect “white citizens in the area who are concerned for their […]

Afghan villagers told they would pay for bomb days ahead of massacre of 16

ShareThis Afghan villagers told they would pay for bomb days ahead of massacre of 16 21 Mar 2012 Residents of an Afghan village near where an American soldier is alleged to have killed 16 civilians are convinced that the slayings were in retaliation for a roadside bomb attack on US forces in the same area […]

Netanyahu gifts Obama Esther Scroll (They Push, Lobby and Persuade!)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given US President Barack Obama a Hebrew tome containing details of a plot to annihilate the Jews in ancient Iran. “Then too, they wanted to wipe us out,” Netanyahu reportedly told Obama when presenting him with The Scroll of Esther during their meeting on Monday. Red Ice Creations News […]

Babies left screaming in terror as they are swung round head of ’baby yoga’ guru

Frightening images of babies as young as two weeks old being flung around a therapist’s head have shocked millions around the world. And now the Russian woman filmed spinning the babies by their wrists and ankles has confirmed she hopes to bring the practice to the UK. Lena Fokina can be seen flipping a baby […]

Australian government will strip parents of their tax benefits if they don’t vaccinate their kids

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=759aqPB4OGA Federal Jack