US Police Testing Hand-Held Laser Drug Detector

(FOXNEWS)   Police in a few departments around the U.S. are testing a hand-held laser device, which boosters can immediately identify illegal drugs and could revolutionize how narcotics cases are investigated and prosecuted. Proponents hope the device, called TruNarc, will help officers quickly discern illicit substances at a time when police are seeing a surge […]

The U.S. NAVY’s Twelve 5-Year Warefare Testing Programs and the Increasing and Ongoing Threat to the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

HELP SAVE OUR MARINE MAMMALS & THEIR OCEAN HABITAT TODAY! A CALL TO TAKE ACTION By Rosalind Peterson May 2, 2012 USA TODAY revealed bad news for our oceans when they published a news story titled: “Navy Plans Could Affect More Marine Mammals” on August 5, 2010 [1]. According to the USA Today news […]

Fed stress testing banks against 13% unemployment, 50% drop in stock market

By Joe Weisenthal | The Fed just announced that the latest round of bank stress tests will come out Thursday at 4:30 PM ET. As a reminder, this is the doom scenario banks will be stress tested against: The supervisory stress scenario for CCAR 2012, which was designed in November 2011, depicts a severe […]

Mosquito Bioweapons: The History of Testing Inside the United States

Activist Post Brandon Turbeville With the recent announcement by UK-based biotechnology firm Oxitec that the company would be releasing thousands of genetically modified mosquitoes in Southern Florida as early as January, 2012, GM opponents, environmentalists, and a diverse group of Floridians have issued calls to suspend the experiment at least until further tests have been […]