Facial recognition tech is rocketing ahead of laws that can control it

“Many Americans don’t realize they’re already in a facial recognition database,” Jennifer Lynch, a staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said Wednesday in a hearing on the technology. Addressing Senator Al Franken and the Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology, and the Law, Lynch pointed out that there is a painful disconnect between how little personal […]


SKY RAPE by Greg Fernandez Jr We Are Change TV There are still many questions that will be addressed, I’m sure. Is this a chemtrail? If it has chemicals in it and leaves a trail, then Yes! So anything that has a chemical can qualify as a chem-trail? No. What separates contrails from chemtrails is […]

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms now Writing the ‘News’ you read

By LUIS MIRANDA | THE REAL AGENDA While the military are trying to do away completely with human soldiers, high tech companies are now doing the same with the journalistic profession. Although in the past, the military and intelligence agencies infiltrated news rooms and literally began to write the news most of the public reads, […]

US Police Testing Hand-Held Laser Drug Detector

(FOXNEWS)   Police in a few departments around the U.S. are testing a hand-held laser device, which boosters can immediately identify illegal drugs and could revolutionize how narcotics cases are investigated and prosecuted. Proponents hope the device, called TruNarc, will help officers quickly discern illicit substances at a time when police are seeing a surge […]

Apple, Google to film homes from the air

If you thought Google’s Street View was invasive, get ready to be shocked by Apple’s latest plans for its newly announced Maps services, which uses privately recruited jets packing military-grade imaging technology to capture HD 3D images of earth.. This type of technology and vantage point was previously the sole reserve of Intelligence Agencies, such […]

New bionic eye for the totally blind

(AL JAZEERA)   New Australian system bypasses the body’s visual mechanics entirely as images are plugged straight into the brain. Engineers in Australia have developed a technology they hope will allow totally blind people to see. Unlike bionic-eye projects elsewhere, the Melbourne-based team’s system bypasses the body’s visual mechanics entirely. Patients do not even need eyes […]

“Let the Architects In!”…Netroots Nation shuts AE911Truth out of conference

(Andrew Steele)   From June 7th-10th in Providence, Rhode Island, Netroots Nation will hold its annual conference for activists.  According to the organization’s “About Us” page, under the headline “The big picture” (presumably a write up of its mission), it states: ” We amplify progressive voices by providing an online and in-person campus for exchanging ideas […]

U.S. Plans to Arm Italy’s Drones

ShareThis U.S. Plans to Arm Italy’s Drones 29 May 2012 The Obama administration plans to arm Italy’s fleet of Reaper drone aircraft, a move that could open the door for sales of advanced hunter-killer drone technology to other allies, according to lawmakers and others familiar with the matter. The sale would make Italy the first […]

PC POLICE: Scotland Yard Bans “Blacklist” Over Racial Concerns

(FOXNEWS)   Scotland Yard has directed its staff to no longer use the words “blacklist” and “whitelist” over fears the words are racist. The British law enforcement agency told officers the words were no longer “appropriate.” “I am sure we can appreciate the sensitivity around the use of such terminology today so please ensure it is no […]

Mind Reading Technology – No More Thought Privacy

In the times of social networking, the Internet, and personal information everywhere being made public, there is no question that we are experiencing a loss of privacy left and right. One might say that the last bastion of privacy – our own thoughts – is all we have to hold onto. But a segment on […]