Refusing To Put A Normal Child On Psych Drugs Results In Swat Teams and a Tank

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TweetYum(CONNECT THE BLOTS)   This may shed some light on why Ron Paul wants forced psychiatric drugging of our school children STOPPED!  A caring and competent Michigan mother refuses to let child services take her very normal child and forcibly drug her with psychiatric medications.  The reaction from the state was to bring in the swat […]

WikiLeaks publishes security think tank emails

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TweetYum From: The anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks began publishing on Monday more than five million emails from a U.S.-based global security analysis company that has been likened to a shadow CIA. The emails, snatched by hackers, could unmask sensitive sources and throw light on the murky world of intelligence-gathering by the company known as Stratfor, […]

‘Anonymous’ claims to have hacked U.S.-based security think tank

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TweetYumShareThis ‘Anonymous’ claims to have hacked U.S.-based security think tank –Hackers promised a week full of Christmas-inspired assaults 25 Dec 2011 Hackers on Sunday claimed to have stolen a raft of e-mails and credit card data from U.S.-based security think tank Stratfor, promising it was just the start of a weeklong Christmas-inspired assault on a […]

‘Israel’s Advocate’ to Leave White House for Pro-Israel Think Tank

  • Yum By Jim Lobe November 11, 2011 Dennis Ross, President Barack Obama’s top Middle East aid who has attracted criticism for his allegedly strong pro-Israel sympathies, will leave his post at the end of this month, the White House announced here Thursday. He will rejoin the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), an Israel-centred […]

Libya, Benghazi, security forces drive tank over car with civilians still inside

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