Fritz Springmeier on The Rundown Live #76

“I dedicated my life to Christ and to peace and to obeying the Bible.” – Fritz Springmeier (The Rundown Live, 8/8/13) Fritz Springmeier was the guest for #76 of The Rundown Live with Mike Paczesny & Kristan T. Harris. “Back in 1975,” Springmeier told the two hosts, “I realized how corrupt this whole system is. […]

We Are Change Fresno TV — Public Service Announcement — 6 Corporations Own the Media

YouTube – WeAreChangeFresno76 We Are Change Fresno TV — Public Service Announcement — 6 Corporations Own the Media & Key Executives are All Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Members Broadcasting on Access TV in Fresno, CA – Fresno Community Media Access Collaborative Public Channel Comcast 93 AT&T 99 This is a Public Service Announcement: Red […]

New film compilation covers JFK, The FED, Moon, and 9-11

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dark Legacy – JFK and 9-11 – (short version) – 58 minutes New film captures the spirit of conspiracies while facing reality. Produced by Flyby News at Greenfield Community Television ( Contact: Jonathan Mark; Email – Dark Legacy – JFK and 9-11 is a film compilation that tackles the four […]

Total Surveillance: NYPD Launches New All-Seeing ‘Domestic Awareness System’ August 2, 2012 The New York Police Department already has thousands of cameras aimed all over the island of Manhattan, but this literal surveillance state is about to be brought up a notch. The NYPD is teaming up with Microsoft to track action across the city. Later this week, New York City Mayor Michael […]

U.S. Soldiers register Afghans in biometric database

(USA TODAY) The U.S military is using biometric scanners to create a national database of as many adult males as possible, scanning each fingertip and iris. They use the system to track down militants that have participated in past attacks or escaped custody. Federal Jack              

The only way to change the system is by opting out of it

Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News Does anyone really believe that we can make any changes in such a corrupt system? Can anyone really make a difference when most people are working half to death in jobs with low wages then hardly have time even for family? The only way we can change […]

New bionic eye for the totally blind

(AL JAZEERA)   New Australian system bypasses the body’s visual mechanics entirely as images are plugged straight into the brain. Engineers in Australia have developed a technology they hope will allow totally blind people to see. Unlike bionic-eye projects elsewhere, the Melbourne-based team’s system bypasses the body’s visual mechanics entirely. Patients do not even need eyes […]

Anonymous to Activision: We are freedom fighters, not terrorists

  (Michael Stone)   Anonymous is sending this message to Activision: We are freedom fighters, not terrorists. Anonymous is responding to a recently released trailer for the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 video game by Activision. The trailer portrays Anonymous hacktivists as cyber terrorists and an enemy of the people. The negative portrayal of the international […]

Air Force cover-up? Family of deceased pilot cries foul

The US Defense Department says they have “clear and convincing evidence” that pilot Jeff Haney caused the crash of a stealth F-22 Raptor jet in 2010 that ended his life. His family, however, suggests that the Pentagon isn’t providing the truth. Captain Haney was killed a year and a half ago while onboard one of […]

DHS To Release Bacteria In Boston Subway System

Despite the fact that the U.S. government has a history of dangerous biological testing against the American people, the Department of Homeland Security claims that a bacteria it plans to release in the Boston subway later this year to test biological sensors is harmless to healthy people. “Federal officials say they test the subway sensors […]