Artificial jellyfish created from heart cells

Scientists in the US have created a free swimming artificial jellyfish. The team members built the replica using silicone as a base on which to grow heart muscle cells that were harvested from rats. They used an electric current to shock the Medusoid into swimming with synchronised contractions that mimic those of real jellyfish. The […]

Robotic Fish Accepted by Real Fish as Leader

Researchers at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University have created a robotic fish that have been accepted as leader by real fish: The researchers designed their bio-inspired robotic fish to mimic the tail propulsion of a swimming fish, and conducted experiments at varying tail beat frequencies and flow speeds. Red Ice Creations News Feed […]

Anish Kapoor’s Olympic Tower Of Babel Is Pretty Big

If you live in London you’ll know that 2012 is the year that your journey to work will get significantly more dramatic, at least between the months of July and August, due to a tiny little low-key event known as the Olympic Games. It’s got something to do with running and swimming and stuff—and because […]