Flame Malware Code Traced to Stuxnet

ShareThis Flame Malware Code Traced to Stuxnet –Researchers find a link between the two different pieces of malware, suggesting that the U.S. government may be behind both 11 Jun 2012Did the U.S. government commission the recently discovered Flame malware? According to new research, the developers of the Stuxnet and Flame malware families crossed paths–swapping source […]

Flame, Stuxnet Super Cyber Weapons Linked: Researchers

Researchers say they have uncovered “proof” linking the authors of the Flame cyber espionage program to Stuxnet, the most powerful offensive cyber weapon ever developed — both of which are believed to have targeted Iran. Analysts at the Russia-based cyber security firm Kaspersky Labs, which was the first to uncover Flame and had previously analyzed […]

Barack Obama ‘ordered Stuxnet cyber attack on Iran’

ShareThis Barack Obama ‘ordered Stuxnet cyber attack on Iran’ 01 Jun 2012 President Barack Obama ordered the Stuxnet attack on Iran as part of a wave of cyber sabotage and espionage against the would-be nuclear power, according to a new book citing senior Washington sources. The computer virus, aimed at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility, […]

Perfect Storm of Internet Censorship (Video)

By James Corbett | GRTV “In recent weeks the governments of Britain, Israel, the US, Japan, India and China have reported alleged cyber attacks by foreign militaries, hackers, and malicious software like Duqu, a virus similar to the Stuxnet cyber weapon constructed by Israel and the US for use against Iran’s nuclear program. Although the […]