Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control

by Niall Bradley |              

Colorado Movie Shooting: Eyewitness Testimony CONTRADICTS Official Story Federal Jack              

Democratic House leaders stage walkout to protest Holder contempt vote

ShareThis Breaking: Democratic House leaders stage walkout to protest Holder contempt vote 28 Jun 2012 [This story will be updated.] Citizens for Legitimate Government              

Twenty-six members of Congress call on Obama to justify drone strikes

(RAW STORY)   Twenty-six members of Congress have called on President Barack Obama to provide a legal justification for so-called “signature” drone strikes against suspected terrorists. The Washington Post reported in April that the CIA and Joint Special Operations Command have been authorized to strike targets based solely on patterns of suspicious behavior that are detected through […]

John Edwards Not Guilty on Count Number 3

ShareThis Breaking: John Edwards Not Gulity on Count Number 3 –Jury has been dismissed; trial is over  –Mistrial has been confirmed. –Jury was deadlocked on other 5 counts. 31 May 2012 [This story will be updated.] Citizens for Legitimate Government              

Scientists discover virus that kills all grades of breast cancer ‘within seven days’

The virus, known as adeno-associated virus type 2 (AAV2), is naturally occurring and carried by up to 80 percent of humans, but it does not cause any disease.

Thirty-Two Hours of Fame: How the Strange Story of Mohamed Merah Does Not Add Up

The Intel Hub By Richard Cottrell April 7, 2012 The lone avenging angel of death aura surrounding Mohamed Merah is beginning to wear thin, even in the French mainstream media. It is extremely doubtful if Merah had anything to do with the tragic murders of the Jewish rabbi, his two children and another small girl, […]

White House Admits to Asking News Agencies to Pull Malia Obama Vacation Story

The Blaze March 20, 2012 The White House has admitted to telling news agencies to pull stories on Malia Obama visiting Mexico for spring break, Politico reports. Kristina Schake, Communications Director to the First Lady, emailed Dylan Byers: From the beginning of the administration, the White House has asked news outlets not to report on […]

Corporate Controlled Media Mischaracterizes Ron Paul Over FEMA Tornado Victims Story

The Intel Hub | The corporate controlled mocking bird media has once again mischaracterized Ron Paul, this time during the most important week in his presidential campaign history. The corporate media (which in the past has publicly stated their fear of an America with Ron Paul as president) has attempted to further smear his campaign […]

Defeat for Mandelson’s billionaire as judge backs the Mail over story of Rothschild and the Russian oligarch

Billionaire financier Nat Rothschild exposed his friend Peter Mandelson to accusations of a conflict of interest while the Labour peer was an EU trade commissioner, the High Court ruled yesterday. The Swiss-based hedge-fund manager had launched a libel battle against the Daily Mail over his trips to Moscow and Siberia with Lord (then Mr) Mandelson […]