Typhoon Haiyan: Most powerful storm to ever hit land batters Philippines with 235mph winds

ShareThis Typhoon Haiyan: Most powerful storm to ever hit land batters Philippines with 235mph winds 08 Nov 2013 One of the most powerful storms ever recorded battered the central Philippines today, bringing winds of up to 235mph and leaving a trail of devastation. At least four people were killed by the super-typhoon, which meteorologists said […]

Severe U.S. storm brings heavy snow, baseball-sized hail

ShareThis Severe U.S. storm brings heavy snow, baseball-sized hail 23 Mar 2013 A major early spring storm brought heavy snow, severe thunderstorms and floods as it moved east across the United States on Saturday, closing highways and causing a pileup involving dozens of vehicles. Baseball-sized hail was reported in northern Florida, along with possible tornadoes, […]

Report: Chance of a Catastrophic Solar Storm Is 1 in 8; Would Take Down Power Grid, Food Transportation, Water Utilities, Financial Systems

Mac Salvo | We have roughly a 12% chance of getting hit with a powerful solar storm.              

iBattle: Apple May Finally Storm the Pentagon

By Spencer Ackerman, Wired.com The Pentagon is, for all intents and purposes, an Apple-free zone. Its desktop computers have long run on Windows, and now its tablets and smartphones are all Android. But there’s a chance that might be about to change. The Air Force’s Air Mobility Command is considering a monster purchase of iPads […]

Englishman Mystified By “Blue Sphere” Hail Storm

A man in Dorset has been left mystified after tiny blue spheres fell from the sky into his garden. Mr Hornsby, a former aircraft engineer, said the sky went a really dark yellow colour, and the 3cm diameter balls came raining down late in the afternoon during a hail storm. The Met Office said the […]

A Gathering Storm Over ‘Right to Work’ in Indiana

By STEVEN GREENHOUSE, NYTimes.com INDIANAPOLIS — Nearly a year after legislatures in Wisconsin and several other Republican-dominated states curbed the power of public sector unions, lawmakers are now turning their sights toward private sector unions, setting up what is sure to be another political storm. The thunderclouds are gathering first here in Indiana. The leaders […]

Perfect Storm of Internet Censorship (Video)

By James Corbett | GRTV “In recent weeks the governments of Britain, Israel, the US, Japan, India and China have reported alleged cyber attacks by foreign militaries, hackers, and malicious software like Duqu, a virus similar to the Stuxnet cyber weapon constructed by Israel and the US for use against Iran’s nuclear program. Although the […]

Suicide attackers storm Afghan governor’s office

ShareThis Suicide attackers storm Afghan governor’s office –A meeting between government and Nato officials was under way at the time of the attack. 10 Nov 2011 Attackers have stormed the offices of a governor in Afghanistan’s eastern Paktia province, killing at least four Afghan security personnel. Several suicide attackers, armed with bombs, rocket-propelled grenades and […]

NOAA Warns of Monster Solar Storm Region Facing Earth for Next Two Weeks; Fully Capable of Producing X-Class Flares

SHTFplan.com Mac Slavo November 8th, 2011 Last Thursday the sun produced an X1.9 rated solar flare that narrowly missed Earth. Although it wasn’t aimed directly at us, about 45 minutes after leaving the sun it was still powerful enough to disrupt radio communications. Now, that same area  responsible for producing the X-class flare may pose a direct […]

Storm Activity on Sun Heats Up in Area Called ‘Benevolent Monster’ by Scientists

Associated Press November 3, 2011 WASHINGTON — After years of quiet, the sun is coming alive with solar storms in a big way. The sun shot off a flare Thursday afternoon from a region that scientists are calling a “benevolent monster.” Scientists at the federal Space Weather Prediction Center say that area is the most […]