Boston Marathon Bombing: The FBI’s Suspects

“For clarity, these images should be the only ones, I emphasize the only ones, that the public should view to assist us. Other photos should not be deemed credible and they unnecessarily divert the public’s attention in the wrong direction and create undue work for vital law enforcement resources.” – FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers […]

TSA Toddler Terror: Family Marched Of Plane; 18-Month-Old On No Fly List

Steve Watson May 10, 2012 TSA agents at Fort Lauderdale Airport ordered a family to get off a plane they had already boarded, saying that their eighteen-month-old child was on a no fly list as a terror suspect. The child’s parents said they believe they were flagged up and ordered to leave the JetBlue […]

Ron Paul Confronts Bernanke: “Do You Buy Your Own Groceries?”

By Steve Watson, GOP presidential candidate Ron paul took a break from campaigning today and diverted his attention back to his role on the House Financial Services Committee with the semiannual visit of Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke. In a scathing opening statement, Paul went on the offensive against the Fed: “What we are […]

Copwatch@Occupy Oakland: Beware of Police Infiltrators and Provocateurs

Copwatch@Occupy Oakland: Beware of Police Infiltrators and Provocateurs   ABOVE VIDEO: Produced by Jacob Crawford with assistance from Ali Winston and Josh Wolf Visit the Youtube Channel:   and More on this from Prison Provocateurs Circulate Anti-nonviolence Flyers At Occupy Oakland Protests As general strike looms, shady group promises to “go beyond” peaceful […]

Where Is The #OccupyWallStreet Demand To End The Fed?

No serious economic protest can ignore the monolithic role of the Federal Reserve By Steve Watson Oct 3, 2011 In spite of a large number of protesters who are clearly aware of the fact that the greatest threat to the global financial system comes not directly from Wall Street but from the privately owned […]