Judicial Watch Gets Benghazi Security Contract from State Dept.

The State Department paid an inexperienced and virtually unknown foreign company $ 794,264 for nearly 50,000 guard hours to protect the U.S. mission in Benghazi, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch. Media outlets have reported an estimated amount of around $ 783,000 to $ 783,284 based on “miscellaneous” federal contract data, but the exact […]

Native American Patriot Russell Means Passes at 72

American icon and patriot Russell Means passed away on October 22, several weeks after a delegation of Lakota leaders told the State Department they were unilaterally withdrawing from treaties they signed with the federal government of the United States. Lakota country includes parts of the states of Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. […]

US expels Venezuela diplomat after cyber-attack allegations

ShareThis US expels Venezuela diplomat after cyber-attack allegations 09 Jan 2012 Venezuela’s consul general in Miami was ordered Sunday to leave the United States after allegations surfaced that she discussed possible cyber-attacks on U.S. soil. [?!?] The State Department said it had declared the diplomat, Livia Acosta Noguera, persona non grata and given her until […]

U.S. State Department warns against demonstrations

World Wide Caution So now that we are told – not shown – that Osama is dead, “U.S. government facilities worldwide remain at a heightened state of alert.” Huh. A naïve person like myself thought the mission would be accomplished by getting Osama six-feet deep.You Lie sir… On July 26th 2011 the State Department issued […]