Co-Ed Bathrooms in California Schools and Freedom

Co-Ed Bathrooms in California Schools and Freedom – MBS Talk Radio: Episode 1 (audio podcast) Topics: (in order) The Federal Reserve Note. “Prince Vega Exposes The Illuminati For Copying Egypt, Says George Washington Was A Fake Free Mason.” The Red-shield of Rothschild. David Rockefeller. John D. Rockefeller, the snake oil salesman, and the movie, There […]

The Sacred Sound of Creation

One World Within Productions presents Jason Gregory’s experiential journey known as “The Sacred Sound of Creation.” Combined with the artistry of US filmmaker and musician Justin Jezewski, “The Sacred Sound of Creation” is an expression of consciousness through knowledge, music and visualization, which explores the fundamental principles of reality. Federal Jack       […]

How would you sound on Mars?

Astronauts on Mars would probably speak with each other on the surface through radio links — but if they were to pick up voices or sounds transmitted through Martian air, would they sound different? Acoustics experts say they would. Red Ice Creations News Feed              

Darpa Warns: Your iPhone Is a Military Threat

By Noah Shachtman | There’s a growing threat to the U.S. military, according to the Pentagon’s premier research wing. No, it’s not Iran’s nukes or China’s missiles. It’s the iPads, Android phones and other gadgets we all carry around with us every day. “Commercial consumer electronics has created vulnerabilities by enabling sensors, computing, imaging, […]

Irresponsible Anti-Iranian Fear-Mongering

The Intel Hub By Stephen Lendman February 23, 2012 Irresponsible anti-Iranian political and pack journalism rhetoric sound ominously like spurious Iraqi WMD threats in the run-up to the 2003 war. In his January State of the Union address, Obama said: “Let there be no doubt: America is determined to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear […]

Stonehenge design was ’inspired by sounds’

Music could have been an inspiration for the design of Stonehenge, according to an American researcher. Steven Waller’s intriguing idea is that ancient Britons could have based the layout of the great monument, in part, on the way they perceived sound. He has been able to show how two flutes played in a field can […]

Strange Atmospheric Sounds Recorded Over Arizona

The Intel Hub February 8, 2012 As strange sounds continue to be recorded across the country (some obviously fake while others clearly aren’t) video reports of these sounds have been published throughout the world. A new video, this time out of Arizona, once again shows these strange sounds and, luckily, was accompanied by a detailed […]

Words from brain waves may let scientists read your mind

Scientists have found a way to decipher actual words from a person’s brain waves, a feat that sounds very much like mind-reading, a new study shows. The research may sound like scary science fiction — once a person’s brain waves can be read, will any thought be private? — but the positive implications are enormous […]

Whole lotta shakin’, but it wasn’t an earthquake

Unusual shaking and rumbling reported around the capital region had people thinking “earthquake” – but, rest assured, there was no seismic event. Natural Resources Canada responded to public concerns by posting an explanation on its website, saying what was felt could have come from an “atmospheric source,” likely sound waves travelling over a long distance. […]

Steve Dore – Audit the Fed (song)

Steve Dore (Musician) Musician singing songs about auditing and ending the Federal Reserve, sound Constitutional money (Gold and Silver). Check out more of his songs here.