Hollande Bolstered as Socialists Win French Parliament Control

ShareThis Hollande Bolstered as Socialists Win French Parliament Control 17 Jun 2012 French President Francois Hollande’s Socialist Party and its allies won an absolute majority in the National Assembly, exit polls showed, paving the way for them to pass legislation without the aid of other members of parliament. The Socialist bloc won 314 out of […]

Occupying Occupy Gainesville With 9/11, Federal Reserve, and Chemtrails Truth

NotForSale2NWO November 6, 2011 Many people within the Occupy Gainesville protests were awake to the issues while many were simply leftist and sometimes socialists. Stay tuned for more news report from The Intel Hub Media Network and be sure to sign up for our exclusive mailing list. http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?llr=tepmj6gab&p=oi&m=110… Bob Tuskin http://bobtuskin.com The Intel Hub http://theintelhub.com […]

Solid Evidence That Occupy Wall Street Is A Communist Movement Run By Socialists Who Wish To Bring Down The Free Enterprise System

The American Dream Blog October 18, 2011 Is Occupy Wall Street a communist movement?  Is it being run by socialists who wish to bring down the free enterprise system?  As you will see in this article, the answer to both questions is yes. Of course many of the people participating in these protests want nothing […]

OWS March On Millionaires Homes Actually Organized And Run By Obama Supporting Socialists

The Intel Hub October 12, 2011 READ THE ARTICLE: http://theintelhub.com/2011/10/12/occupy-wall-street-march-on-millionaires-ho… Guess Who REALLY Planned The Occupy Wall Street Millionaires March http://www.businessinsider.com/new-york-progressive-groups-unite-around-occup… This protest was run by unions and the Working Families Party which openly promotes its strong ties to Communist Party! WE ARE NOT RIGHT WINGERS – We are pro freedom. We do not support […]

Occupy Wall Street Protests Full Of “Useful Idiot” Communists And Socialists

By Lee Rogers | BlacklistedNews.com It is becoming increasingly clear that the people who are taking part in the much publicized Occupy Wall Street protests are mostly a bunch of useful idiots promoting communist and socialist ideologies. Even multi-millionaire propagandist Michael Moore and a myriad of rich Hollywood celebrities have come out supporting the cause […]