True State of USA Wealth Inequality

March 10, 2013 MEDIA ROOTS — The top 1% hold 40% of the nation’s wealth. But the bottom 80% hold only 7% of the nation’s wealth. This infographics video provides an arresting presentation of widening wealth inequality in the USA. It also compares and contrasts our perceptions with actual reality. A notable segment is a graph […]

SCHOOL SUCKS: The American Way

(School Sucks Podcast)   Don’t let the title fool you. This video is actually about how government-run schooling contributed to the rise of socialism, imperialism and eventually fascism in Germany between the 1890s and 1940s. Critical Thinking Question: In school we are led to believe that we are all living in an ideal vision of what […]

The Race Continues to Take Its Twists and Turns

Kent Sorenson, Bachman’s Iowa chair, quit her campaign and is now working for Ron Paul with a less than a week to go before the caucus takes place. In the realization of what is happening in America and the free fall decline toward socialism, Sorenson noted that “this was the most difficult decision in his […]

Occupy D.C.’s website promotes world government and socialism

Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News Note: I know there are good people trying to protest because they lost everything to the Bilderberg elite but the problem is any group can be infiltrated and hijacked to help a broken and corrupt political cause such as the New World Order master agenda. Either Occupy […]

Solid Evidence That Occupy Wall Street Is A Communist Movement Run By Socialists Who Wish To Bring Down The Free Enterprise System

The American Dream Blog October 18, 2011 Is Occupy Wall Street a communist movement?  Is it being run by socialists who wish to bring down the free enterprise system?  As you will see in this article, the answer to both questions is yes. Of course many of the people participating in these protests want nothing […]

Kucinich: Debt Political Theater Diverts Attention While Americans’ Wealth Is Stolen

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today spoke on the House floor about the massive transfer of wealth from the American people to the hands of the few by virtue of wars, energy policies and monetary policies. He called upon Americans to witness Wall Street’s theft of Main Street, which has left millions of everyday Americans out […]

QE2 Shocker: The Whole $600 Billion Wound Up Offshore

by: Ellen Brown, Truthout | News Analysis On June 30, QE2 ended with a whimper. The Fed’s second round of “quantitative easing” involved $600 billion created with a computer keystroke for the purchase of long-term government bonds. But the government never actually got the money, which went straight into the reserve accounts of banks, where […]