Jesse Ventura Wins Lawsuit Against Chris Kyle Estate

“I don’t feel good because the SEALs are my unit and I can’t go out to a reunion anymore, and I’ve been to more SEAL reunions than I have high school reunions and I’ve never missed a high school reunion. And I can’t go now because that was the place I felt safe and I […]

Nearly 40 People Arrested Outside of Obama’s White House Protesting Guantanamo, Indefinite Detention

Common Dreams Thirty-seven members of Witness Against Torture, a grassroots organization calling for the closure of the US detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, were arrested in front of the White House around three o’clock this afternoon. Dressed in the iconic Guantanamo orange jumpsuits and black hoods and accompanied by a cage representing indefinite detention, […]

Occupy Portland Crackdown – Police May Use Force And Chemical Weapons

The Intel Hub November 13, 2011 As the deadline for the police ordered eviction passed at 12am this morning, Occupy Portland protestors are bracing for a clash with police who are attempting to clear the parks. Last night the Portland police showed considerable restraint and hopefully will do that again today. At least two people […]

NJ Police kill man then stifle first amendment – unleash riot police on crowd including children

by Alexander Higgins | Alexander Higgins Post More proof America is a police state as this video shows NJ Police unleashing a riot team to arrest a crowd, including children, protesting a police killing on their own sidewalk The Intel Hub points us to a YouTube video that opens with people standing on their own […]