USWGO News Brian D. Hill has appeared on Infowars concerning his Federal FOIA lawsuit

Former USWGO Alternative News reporter Brian D. Hill, has appeared on Infowars Network political talk shows for two consecutive times in September, 2017, to talk about his Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit and about his wrongful conviction. Source: PRLOG Press Release distribution // Stanley Bolten DANVILLE, Va. – Sept. 27, 2017 – PRLog — […]

Breitbart Influential to Tea Party Members

By Gina Tenorio, LomaLindaPatch In September of 2011, Andrew Breitbart brought his fiery rhetoric to a receptive crowd of more than 500 people, mostly Tea Party Patriots, at the University of Redlands. He was greeted with enthusiasm. So it was a great shock to many to learnthat Breitbart, a crusader for conservative causes and values, […]

The insignificant 9/11 lie that sets most people off while real issues are ignored and unanswered

A South Carolina man who told his fellow firefighters he was one of the first responders on 9/11 has admitted it was a lie. Jordan Lifander, a former Cedarhurst, Long Island volunteer firefighter, said this week that he was sorry for telling firefighters in the Palmetto State that he was a captain of FDNY’s Ladder […]

CDC Warns That New Swine Flu Strain Has ‘Pandemic Potential’

[Yeah, especially when you make it so.] 22 Feb 2012 A paper published Tuesday by scientists at the Centers for Disease Control suggests a new swine flu virus has the potential to cause an outbreak. The A(H3N2)v swine flu strain that has infected at least 18 Americans since Sept. 2010 has shown the potential for […]

In Their Own Words

In late 2006, the movie 9/11 Press For Truth became a worldwide underground hit. It exposed the story of the “Jersey Girls” and their allies — the 9/11 families who had fought for the Commission but ultimately failed in seeing 70% of their questions answered. IN THEIR OWN WORDS: THE UNTOLD STORIES OF THE 9/11 […]

Guantanamo commander signs order opposed by lawyers to review legal mail in Sept. 11 case

ShareThis Guantanamo commander signs order opposed by lawyers to review legal mail in Sept. 11 case 28 Dec 2011 The commander of the Guantanamo Bay prison has signed an order that would require a security review of legal mail to prisoners facing war crimes charges, a spokeswoman said Wednesday, rejecting arguments the new rule would […]

Nobel prize-winning physicist resigns over global warming

The global warming theory left him out in the cold. Dr. Ivar Giaever, a former professor with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the 1973 winner of the Nobel Prize in physics, abruptly announced his resignation Tuesday, Sept. 13, from the premier physics society in disgust over its officially stated policy that “global warming is occurring.” The […]

Housewife: Handcuffed, strip-searched, detained over ‘appearance’ on 9/11 anniversary

DETROIT — An Ohio woman said Tuesday that she endured nearly four hours in police custody that included being forced off an airplane in handcuffs, strip-searched and interrogated at Detroit’s airport on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks — all, she believes, because of her Middle Eastern appearance. Shoshana Hebshi, 35, told The […]