Cops Are Taking People’s Firearms, Selling Them To Make A Profit And It’s 100% Legal

  • Yum An investigation has revealed that in several states, police are selling the firearms they have seized back to the public to generate revenue, and in some cases, those guns are being used for other crimes. (TFTP) As calls for gun control increase among the parties that claim it would put an end to mass […]

No Teslas Allowed: New Jersey, Christie Bows To Dealership Lobby

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TweetYumTesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has one message for the state of New Jersey: “Legalize it.” I’m not confusing messages with Colorado and marijuana legislation. Musk wrote an open letter to the people of New Jersey sharing his concern over the recent law, passed by state Congress and signed by Gov. Chris Christie, that bans […]

Ranchers in the middle of the US are selling off cattle as a mounting drought withers their grazing land and cornfields

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The Mysterious Mr. Zedzed: The Wickedest Man in the World

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TweetYumIn his prime, Zaharoff was more than a match for the notorious Aleister Crowley in any contest to be dubbed the Wickedest Man in the World. Still remembered as the inventor of the Systeme Zaharoff—a morally bankrupt sales technique that involved a single unscrupulous arms dealer selling to both parties in a conflict he has […]

Super Bowl bust: U.S. government seizes 307 domains for violating NFL copyrights

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TweetYumWhile many sports fans are preparing for Sunday’s Super Bowl by organizing parties and shopping for TVs, the U.S. government is preparing in a different way. Just yesterday, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency seized 307 different domains suspected of violating NFL copyrights. Of those, 16 were suspected of illegal streaming. The rest were […]