Smart meters too toxic to touch

It is perhaps the biggest single public policy failure in the energy sector of the past decade – mandated smart meters which are being introduced in Victoria. With the cost of the roll-out now estimated at more than $2 billion – more than twice the initial estimated cost – it has added another lucrative profit […]

US military to launch Plan X cyberwarfare

ShareThis US military to launch Plan X cyberwarfare 31 May 2012 US Department of Defense has engaged in a scheme to develop technologies aimed at enhancing its cyberwarfare potentials, waging effective attacks and countering retaliatory measures. The Pentagon has turned to the private sector, universities as well as computer-game companies for the previously unreported venture, […]

Iraq set to auction new oil, gas blocks

ShareThis Mission accomplished! Iraq set to auction new oil, gas blocks 28 may 2012 Iraq will auction 12 new oil and gas exploration blocks this week in a fourth energy bidding round, as it seeks the rapid expansion of a sector vital to its economy US corpora-terrorists. Iraq qualified 47 energy companies, ranging from oil […]

Spain nationalizes fourth-largest bank as crisis deepens

Spain’s government will effectively nationalize the nation’s fourth largest bank to shore up the hurting banking sector and try to convince investors the country doesn’t need a bailout like those taken by Greece, Ireland and Portugal, the Economy Ministry said Wednesday. Under the deal, €4.5 billion ($ 5.9 billion) in funding that Bankia SA received […]

Iran oil sector hit by cyber attack

A voracious virus attack has hit computers running key parts of Iran’s oil sector, forcing authorities to unplug its main oil export terminal from the Internet and to set up a cyber crisis team, according to reports on Monday. The Mehr news agency reported that Iran’s principal oil terminal on Kharg island in the Gulf […]

Obama’s Tax Policy Targets Rising Sector of His Base: The Affluent

By JOHN HARWOOD, WASHINGTON — Partisan clashes over President Obama’s proposed tax increases have obscured something remarkable: that the affluent Americans targeted by his policy represent a growing share of his own party’s base. You would not know it from Republican cries of class warfare swirling around Mr. Obama’s new budget, which reiterates his […]

Financial Oligarch Power Raping Greece

The Intel Hub Stephen Lendman February 15, 2012 On February 12, Greece’s banker controlled parliament passed sweeping austerity measures on top of multiple previous rounds. New ones include: sacking 15,000 public workers in 2012 and 150,000 by 2015; slashing private sector wages by 20%; lowering monthly minimum wages from 750 to 600 euros; cutting fast […]

A Gathering Storm Over ‘Right to Work’ in Indiana

By STEVEN GREENHOUSE, INDIANAPOLIS — Nearly a year after legislatures in Wisconsin and several other Republican-dominated states curbed the power of public sector unions, lawmakers are now turning their sights toward private sector unions, setting up what is sure to be another political storm. The thunderclouds are gathering first here in Indiana. The leaders […]

Unemployment ‘set to rise in 2012’

Unemployment will increase to 2.85 million in 2012, while the number of people in work will fall by 120,000 as jobs continue to be lost in the public sector, a new report has predicted. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) forecast that the jobless total will reach its highest since 1994, adding that […]

House cybersecurity bill would establish federal overseer

ShareThis House cybersecurity bill would establish federal overseer 16 Dec 2011 Members of the House Homeland Security Committee introduced a cybersecurity bill on Thursday that would establish a quasi-governmental entity to oversee information-sharing with the private sector. [Oh. I thought the GOPigs detested ‘czars?’ I guess if it’s *their* czar, he’s not!] Like the other […]