Fukushima: Debris Island the Size of Texas Heading to the US Coast

Experts at NOAA are becoming increasingly concerned not just about the debris from Fukushima that is arriving on our shores, but with the non-native bugs, germs and even sea life that is arriving with it. “At first we were only thinking about objects like the floating docks, but now we’re finding that all kinds of […]

Abbotabad True or False?

Vic Sadot, the TruthTroubadour | PoliticalFilm   Questions about the Death and Dumping at Sea of Osama bin Laden Remain Osama bin Laden: Dead or Alive? If he is dead, when did he die?  Was he really the “mastermind of 9/11,” or not?  How can we know the truth? One thing we know is that Osama […]

Dover mortuary official: Military higher-ups to blame for 9/11 remains at landfill

A former Air Force mortuary official says the decision that resulted in some cremated remains from 9/11 victims being dumped in a landfill came from higher-ups in the military. William D. Zwicharowski, a civilian who was interim director of the mortuary at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware in 2002, told The Washington Post that […]

Rep. Allen West: ‘Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Get the Hell Out of America’

The Intel Hub ♦ You can take it to Europe, you can take it to the bottom of the sea The Intel Hub January 29, 2012 Rep. Allen West stated during a recent speech; We need to let President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, (audience boos) and my dear friend the chairman of the Democrat National […]

US to keep 11 aircraft carriers to show sea power

ShareThis US to keep 11 aircraft carriers to show sea power 21 Jan 2012 Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told sailors aboard the country’s oldest aircraft carrier that the U.S. is committed to maintaining a fleet of 11 of the formidable warships despite budget pressures, in part to project sea power against Iran. Panetta also told […]

Large piece of Antarctica to disappear

ShareThis Large piece of Antarctica to disappear 04 Nov 2011 A very large portion of the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica is expected to split over the next weeks. The massive Antarctic iceberg is expected to be in the dimension of 300-square-miles; the size of New York City. The cracks in the ice are now […]