Philip Marshall – Lack of Evidence

by Greg Fernandez Jr “As a former operative in this group’s notorious covert missions, including Iran-Contra and the sting of Pablo Escobar, I recognized that this smoke rising over Manhattan might add a major piece to my large jigsaw puzzle of evidence.” – Philip Marshall (The Big Bamboozle, page 9) Philip Marshall’s first wife, Ann […]

Satanism in the Industry

scrawny2brawny – Youtube A look at the hidden force controlling Hollywood and the Music Industry. Things are not what they seem… “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.” – Ephesians 6:12 “Then you […]


(BREITBART)   CNN has, in their usual fashion, patronized rural America once more. In their coverage of the Shiner, Texas case where a rancher found a man attempting to sexually molest the rancher’s four-year-old daughter and beat the molester to death with his bare hands, CNN couldn’t resist the opportunity to lampoon such primitive behavior. The […]

Feds Want Warrantless Spying Loss Overturned, Saying Law Can’t Touch Them

ShareThis Feds Want Warrantless Spying Loss Overturned, Saying Law Can’t Touch Them 31 May 2012 The Obama administration is set to argue to a federal appeals court Friday that the government may breach, with impunity, domestic spying laws adopted in the wake of President Richard M. Nixon’s Watergate scandal. The case tests whether Americans may […]

Snitch and Globalist Traitor Carl Bildt (Long Time Bilderberger) to have his Subversive Anti-Swedish Politics Exposed by WikiLeaks?

While WikiLeaks is milking the moment of publishing damaging information about the Swedish FM, the latter teases the whistleblower to do so to expose the emptiness of the accusations. “Sweden’s political kindergarten continues,” tweets WikiLeaks. Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has rejected allegations of being a long-running American influence agent, saying it is a part of […]

NEWSFLASH: Maine GOP to recount caucus votes

By John Richardson, MaineToday AUGUSTA — The Maine Republican Party is reviewing its numbers from the presidential caucuses as pressure grows for a recount. An email sent to county and town chairman this afternoon asks the local officials to resubmit vote totals to the state headquarters. “We are confirming the totals from the presidential preference […]

Users of Citibank Bill-Pay App Charged Twice

Citigroup’s effort to become “the world’s digital bank” has encountered a snag. A technical bug caused Citi, the nation’s fourth largest bank by deposits, to double the charge for customer payments in recent months. Some customers using their iPads to settle their cable bill or mortgage payment, for example, actually paid twice, according to customers […]

Obama budget predicts $1.3 Trillion deficit for 2012

President Barack Obama’s new budget predicts a $1.3 trillion deficit for the ongoing fiscal year but that would drop to $575 billion in 2018 if the president gets his wish to raise taxes and if policymakers can live within tight restraints on the Pentagon and other Cabinet agency budgets, the White House said Friday. After […]

Bernanke urges action to heal housing markets

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Friday issued a call to action to restore U.S. housing markets, saying depressed house prices and sales are a serious drag on the economic recovery. “The state of housing has been an impediment to a faster recovery,” he told a home builders’ conference. “We need to continue to develop […]

Tea party candidate who nearly ousted Giffords in 2010 in race to replace her

By BOB CHRISTIE, Associated Press – The Republic PHOENIX — The Republican who nearly ousted Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in 2010 has officially joined the race to replace her. Jesse Kelly came within 4,200 votes of defeating the Democrat during the year the tea party led the GOP to a House of Representatives takeover. He vowed […]