De Bilderberg a Bohemian Club, Occupy apunta al 1%

Los ‘indignados’ convocan una protesta frente a la sede de la reunión de personalidades influentes en California El movimiento Occupy ha escogido un nuevo blanco para sus protestas, el Bohemian Grove, la sede de un club en California que acoge una reunión de políticos y economistas influyentes desde este fin de semana. Manifestantes de diversas […]

End the Fed outreach to #OccupyWallStreet

The Occupy movement is spreading worldwide, with Occupy Rome now in full swing. The color revolutions in Libya, Egypt and other areas of the middle east as well as protests in Spain, Greece and other parts of Europe show that plenty are clamoring for change. The top question on the minds of many, what kind […]

Free speech: UCSB reimburses College Republicans

By Bob Egelko, The San Francisco Chronicle Under pressure from a conservative free-speech group, University of California officials have reimbursed campus Republicans in Santa Barbara for hosting a speaker who claims Muslim extremists and left-wingers are infiltrating the classroom. The UC Santa Barbara student government balked at the Republican group’s request for $ 1,800 to […]