Richard Nagell (EP) by Greg Fernandez Jr.

iTunes Link for Richard Nagell by Greg Fernandez Jr. Mind Body Soul-Volume Two: Richard Nagell. Featuring Zyme, Eric Golub and Shawna Darling. With music produced by Dublin Beats, Aleks Yakovlev, Sinema Beats, PS Beats and Produced by JRJ London and Dublin Beats. Recorded at OHM Studio, San Jose, Ca. Richard Nagell: Mind Body Soul […]

Recording Richard Nagell – Greg Fernandez Jr.

Richard Nagell is the man who tried to save JFKs life. Nagell, working as a double/triple agent for US intelligence and Soviet intelligence (as a double agent for the US) uncovered a plot, multiple plots to kill JFK. He was ordered to kill Oswald, and leave the country. But he was double crossed. Instead of […]

Happy Days by Greg Fernandez Jr ( Contest)

Happy Days is a Jee original beat. Written by Greg Fernandez Jr. Produced by JRJ London and Dublin Beats. Recorded at OHM Studio, San Jose, Ca. Mind Body Soul Productions Mind Body Soul Music Mind Body Soul TV Mind Body Soul Documentaries Mind Body Soul Radio Happy Days Lyrics: verse 1 NEVER THOUGHT THAT […]

P.D.R. – I Can Do Anything (Recording Session Clips)

Recording session of single from P.D.R. – “I Can Do Anything” by Anthony London. With recording session clips of Dublin Beats, Eric Golub and Greg Fernandez Jr. Anthony London on YouTube. Eric Golub on YouTube. Dublin Beats on Soundcloud. I Can Do Anything by Anthony London feat. Eric Golub & Greg Fernandez Jr. Produced by […]

Writing On The Wall – Greg Fernandez Jr

WRITING ON THE WALL by Greg Fernandez Jr. Produced by Dublin Beats Produced by Aleks Yakovlev Video by Anthony London Mind Body Soul Productions produced by Dublin Beats produced by Aleks Yakovlev video by Anthony London written by G. Fernandez Jr. from P​.​D​.​R. – Pop Dance Rap music by Aleks Yakovlev mixed and mastered by […]

Facebook Suit Over Subscriber Tracking Seeks $15 Billion

Facebook Inc. (FB), the social network operator whose shares began trading today, was sued for $15 billion in an amended complaint by subscribers who claim the company invaded their privacy by tracking their Internet use. In the complaint filed yesterday in federal court in San Jose, California, the plaintiffs say Facebook improperly tracked users even […]

Fluoride OK’d for San Jose Drinking Water November 18, 2011 SAN JOSE, Calif. — Dentists and children’s health advocates in California are cheering a decision to add fluoride to the drinking water of San Jose – the largest city in the nation without the cavity-fighting mineral in its water supply. The board of the Santa Clara Valley Water District voted Tuesday […]