Occupy Portland Crackdown – Police May Use Force And Chemical Weapons

The Intel Hub November 13, 2011 As the deadline for the police ordered eviction passed at 12am this morning, Occupy Portland protestors are bracing for a clash with police who are attempting to clear the parks. Last night the Portland police showed considerable restraint and hopefully will do that again today. At least two people […]

Occupy Portland Protestors Set To Clash With Police – Live Updates

The Intel Hub November 13, 2011 Tensions are rising at the Occupy Portland protests a little over two hours after the police deadline to leave the city parks. Protestors are currently in a tense standoff with riot police who have so far actually done a great job of keeping the peace. The mainstream media in […]

NJ Police kill man then stifle first amendment – unleash riot police on crowd including children

by Alexander Higgins | Alexander Higgins Post More proof America is a police state as this video shows NJ Police unleashing a riot team to arrest a crowd, including children, protesting a police killing on their own sidewalk The Intel Hub points us to a YouTube video that opens with people standing on their own […]

Egyptian Army Intervenes to Protect Protesters from Riot Police

> The American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning “regime change” for the past three years, The Daily Telegraph has learned. Full Article Video