Investigation Of Massive Child Trafficking Ring Exposes Police Facilitating Horrific Abuse Of 1,000 Kids

  • Yum In what is being called the biggest ever child abuse scandal, more than 1,000 children are alleged to have been brutally beaten, drugged, and raped for decades as authorities let it happen. (TFTP) A jaw-dropping independent investigation has revealed that hundreds of children, some as young as 11-years-old, are estimated to have been drugged, […]

Alleged hacker Ryan Cleary to be tried in UK not US

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TweetYumShareThis Alleged hacker Ryan Cleary to be tried in UK not US 15 Jun 2012 An Essex teenager suspected of masterminding an international computer hacking ring is not expected to be extradited to the United States despite facing charges in California. Ryan Cleary, 19, who has Asperger’s syndrome, is alleged to have been in involved […]

Huge Peru Tomb Found—80 Bodies, Ring of Babies

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TweetYumArranged in the fetal position, this skeleton is among some 80 bodies discovered this spring in a vast Peruvian tomb—the largest yet found at the ancient site of Pachacamac. Buried a thousand years ago with wooden “false heads,” the now decayed mummies were unearthed within a perimeter of infant human remains. Once covered by a […]

Olympics bomb scandal

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TweetYumShareThis Let the false flag previews begin! Olympics bomb scandal —Worker smuggles in fake explosive 06 May 2012 A terrifying flaw in London’s Olympic Park security was exposed last night after a worker smuggled a fake BOMB inside. He sailed past TWO checkpoints without being stopped – just hours before the Olympic Stadium officially opened. […]

Mysterious Objects Punching Holes In Weird Saturn Ring

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TweetYumMysterious objects appear to be doing some damage to Saturn’s “weirdest ring,” scientists say. The discovery comes from detailed photos taken of the Saturn system by NASA’s Cassini orbiter. In these images, researchers spotted strange objects about a half-mile (kilometer) wide tearing through Saturn’s F ring, the thin outermost discrete ring around the planet. As […]