Philip Marshall Questions – Last Trip To Turkey

Visit the Justice For Philip, Alex & Macaila Marshall Facebook Group to download the entire conversation between a close friend of Philip Marshall and independent journalist & researcher Dan Hennen. Watch Philip Marshall on C-Span (More Philip Marshall videos) According to an unnamed source of Dan Hennen, Sean Marshall’s last trip to Turkey was “not […]

Flame Malware Code Traced to Stuxnet

ShareThis Flame Malware Code Traced to Stuxnet –Researchers find a link between the two different pieces of malware, suggesting that the U.S. government may be behind both 11 Jun 2012Did the U.S. government commission the recently discovered Flame malware? According to new research, the developers of the Stuxnet and Flame malware families crossed paths–swapping source […]

CDC Calls Morgellons’ Nanoworms a Delusion, Protects DARPA

By Rady Ananda Activist Post January 31, 2012 Imagine having the mental prowess to be able to create living filaments heretofore unknown, that can reproduce themselves, some of which come with identifying letters embossed on them, and then to make them extrude from beneath your skin, all against your conscious will. Sound like science fiction?  […]

Giuliani on WTC7 Questions: Get a Haircut, Take a Shower

By Rady Ananda Activist Post January 29, 2012 When confronted with questions about World Trade Center 7 at a speech on Thursday at the University of Florida, bald Rudy Giuliani told long-haired radio host Bob Tuskin, “You are too rude to be entitled to an answer.  May I suggest a haircut and a shower?” Filmed […]

Nov 7, 2011 8pm Eastern – YU55 News and Researcher Mark Passio Live

The Intel Hub November 7, 2011 Tonight at 8pm est 5 pacific The Bob Tuskin Radio Show will be live with special guest Francis(ThePerfectMinds) who will go over the latest news concerning asteroid YU55. Bob will also be joined by occult researcher Mark Passio of You can listen to the broadcast live at […]

The Awakening – Documentary (Max Igan)

An independently produced documentary from Max Igan, covering controversial topics and important issues facing humanity. Max Igan (Pen Name) is an Australian researcher/ activist/ author. From the Author Max Igan: In this film I have attempted to explain to you, the real structure of this reality, the nature of energy and of the light and […]