Philip Marshall’s Emails Erased?

For more information on Philip Marshall, read Philip Marshall – No Clear Evidence Against Him. Richard Syrett and John B. Wells both had their email correspondences with Philip Marshall completely erased by outside forces. Coincidence? Here’s Dan Hennen speaking to Richard Syrett about the emails. We are trying to contact John B. Wells about this […]

Keep the Money and the Jobs at Home by Buying American Products

All homeowners want to do their remodeling projects as inexpensively as possible—that’s just common sense. Traditionally, this meant buying products and materials made overseas. But it looks like a change in American attitudes is taking place, according to a survey conducted by Consumer Reports. More than 60 percent of all respondents said they would spend […]

Iceland Loch Ness Monster cameraman says his footage “no joke” (Video)

The Worm is one of many in Norse mythology and not directly related to Loch Ness in any way; but the Nessie connotations and the high quality of the video have seen the story sweep the globe this week. Now the amateur cameraman responsible for the footage, Hjörtur E. Kjerúlf, has said “This is absolutely […]

The American Dream

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