Senate committee approves new whistleblower protection measures

ShareThis Senate committee approves new whistleblower protection measures 07 Nov 2013 A new Senate bill authorizing the next year’s worth of intelligence operations would force the public disclosure of civilian deaths in drone strikes and add protections for spy-sector whistleblowers that are being hailed by advocates. The bill, which was approved in the Senate intelligence […]

Australia urged to formally recognise climate change refugee status

Australia, a close neighbour of small, low-lying South Pacific states at the frontline of climate change, should be the first country to formally recognise climate change refugees, the country’s main refugee advisory body has said. The Refugee Council of Australia has told the Australian government that it should create a new refugee category for those […]

Websites Can Legally Pirate Porn Movies, Prosecutors Rule

Torrent Freak March 23, 2013 For years Japan’s leading producers of pornographic movies have been battling to protect their content overseas. In particular they have focused on Taiwan where websites openly sell their videos and TV channels air their content without permission. The studios eventually took legal action, but to no avail. This week prosecutors […]

Smoking Banned Inside Santa Monica, CA Residences

Smoking is already banned at beaches, parks, restaurants and near buildings in Santa Monica, but Tuesday night the city council sought to expand that prohibition and voted 4-2 to ban smoking for all new tenants of apartments and condos inside their residences – with one exception. “It also requires existing residents to designate their units […]

Assange refuses to surrender

ShareThis Assange refuses to surrender 30 Jun 2012 Julian Assange has defied a police order to turn himself in and will remain holed up in Ecuador’s embassy, his spokeswoman said. Mr Assange, who has applied for asylum in Ecuador, was served notice to surrender himself to a central London police station, but has decided not […]

Rick Santorum expected to get Secret Service protection

ShareThis Rick Santorum expected to get Secret Service protection 27 Feb 2012 Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum is expected to get Secret Service protection Tuesday, according to an administration official with knowledge of the plan. The campaign of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich requested Secret Service protection last week and is awaiting word on whether […]

The Copyright Office is a corrupt racketeering operation for censorship

Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News Now with evidence coming out that Alex Jones does still own the copyright to his films Endgame:Blueprint for Global Enslavement and not eOne like they claim on YouTube, more and more evidence is slowly coming out that Copyright is not what the U.S. Constitution stated in their […]

Mitt Romney to Receive Secret Service Protection

ShareThis Mitt Romney to Receive Secret Service Protection –According to a federal law enforcement officials Romney’s campaign, which has long traveled with private security of its own, did request Secret Service protection. 31 Jan 2012 Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has been informed that it will start receiving Secret Service protection this week, two campaign sources […]

Obama sending 5 US military officers to South Sudan

Barack Obama is sending five American military officers to South Sudan amid recent outbreaks of violence in the newly independent African nation. The White House said the U.S. forces will join the United Nations mission in the capital of Juba and focus on strategic planning and operations. They are not expected to engage in combat […]

Why is the U.S. Doubling Its Protection Against this Non-existent Health Enemy? By Dr. Mercola December 25, 2011 The U.S. government has awarded a $ 433-million contract to pharmaceutical company Siga Technologies for 1.7 million doses of an experimental smallpox drug called ST-246 (Tecovirimat). In this time of limited resources and heavy budget deficits, the decision to spend nearly half a billion dollars to stockpile a […]