Geiger Counters Unlikely to Detect Radiation in Food, Water

Geiger counters are probably ineffective for consumers in detecting hazardous levels of radiation in food and water at home, scientists, professors and device makers said. Large samples should be tested in laboratory-like settings to obtain results, said Joseph Rotunda, who heads the radiation measurement division at toolmaker Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Determining whether food, water […]

Philip Marshall’s Coroner Speaks

by Greg Fernandez Jr Phone interview with coroner Kevin Raggio by Chris Gordon (Investigative Researcher & We Are Change San Francisco member) “The last facial expression is essential in determining the state of condition that the person was in when they died.” – Chris Gordon Investigative researcher Chris Gordon from We Are Change San Francisco […]

Woman pepper sprayed at close range, loses her eyesight

  (KABC) – A woman, who says she was blinded when a police officer used pepper-spray at close range, is speaking out for the first time. Monique Hernandez has been blind since the Feb. 21 incident and doctors say she’ll probably never see again. She was undergoing a field sobriety test in her Beaumont neighborhood when […]

Memorial Hermann refuses to hire tobacco users, charges smokers $600 per year

Memorial Hermann is a corporate system of hospitals primarily located in the Houston, Texas area but has branched out to other parts of Texas several years ago. Harris County even wanted to purchase one of their 9 hospitals, Memorial Hermann SW. They had several employee reduction initiatives when they suddenly began acquiring other hospitals throughout […]

Dover mortuary official: Military higher-ups to blame for 9/11 remains at landfill

A former Air Force mortuary official says the decision that resulted in some cremated remains from 9/11 victims being dumped in a landfill came from higher-ups in the military. William D. Zwicharowski, a civilian who was interim director of the mortuary at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware in 2002, told The Washington Post that […]

Possible math for Ron Paul’s delegates

by Charlotte Szabo-Gradinger | Campaign for Liberty San Francisco There are only estimates at this point because it is IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW until the RNC. Many of them are unbound, and when Rick and Newt drop out, theirs will be unbound as well- they can not GIVE THEM to another candidate, regardless of what the […]

US Prepares For Iranian Quaddzilla Attack On Statue Of Liberty (Probably)

Truth Frequency News By Chris Geo February 21, 2012 Is it possible Ahmadinejad may be gearing up to attack the Statue Of Liberty? Well according to former CIA director, R. James Woolsey:  “We will have a very serious problem from terrorism if we insist on Iran shutting down its nuclear program, but we have to […]

Obama’s musical mix tape for America

The president has his re-election soundtrack all queued up. What can we learn about Obama’s 2012 strategy by analyzing his 28 musical picks? Presidents have chosen campaign theme songs since the era of John Adams. As of Thursday, President Obama has himself a whole playlist, available via online social music service Spotify. Obama, or more […]

Mossad Chief Secretly Met With Top U.S. Officials Including Sitting Senators

The Intel Hub February 1, 2012 A clandestine Washington visit by Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo, in which he privately met with multiple Senators and other top officials, was revealed in testimony  during a hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence attended by CIA director David Petraeus and Intel Chief James Clapper. Apparently Pardo and the […]

Psychics Say Apollo 16 Astronauts Found Alien Ship

Over the past 50 years, billions of dollars have been spent visiting our nearest neighbor in space, the moon. It’s the only extraterrestrial body humans have ever walked on. Besides the United States and Russia, Japan, China, India and the European Space Agency have all sent robotic spacecraft moonward. Probably the most prolific of these […]