Truth Music: XienHow

“Cameras on all corners” – XienHow “They say it’s the land of the free, but don’t want us.” – XienHow Music is a big part of our lives. Through music, the Illuminati has declared war on Truth Music of all sorts and genres. As a response, we at Mind Body Soul Productions are dedicated to […]

Obama administration outline: How U.S. laws empower the government to kill Americans overseas

(Reuters) – The Obama administration on Monday plans to outline how U.S. laws empower the government to kill Americans overseas who engage in terrorism against their home country, a source familiar with the matter said, months after a drone strike killed a U.S.-born cleric who plotted attacks from Yemen. Civil liberties groups have been pressuring […]

Michigan’s Most Fervent Tea Partiers Backed Santorum

If they prefer a big-government social conservative, what’s the point of their movement? By Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic CNN’s Michigan exit poll had a nugget of information that caught my eye: Republican voters who “strongly supported” the tea party favored Rick Santorum. Forty-five percent of that subgroup cast a ballot for the former Pennsylvania senator. […]

Obama’s Call for Web Privacy Guidelines Seen Leading to Rules With Teeth

By Sara Forden and Eric Engleman, An Obama administration Internet privacy initiative marks the best chance for setting U.S. standards to shield personal information in the absence of Congressional legislation, consumer groups and lawyers said. The White House called on companies such as Google Inc. (GOOG) and Facebook Inc. (FB) yesterday to work with […]

D.C. gun laws test tea party’s principles

By The Washington Times The House Judiciary Committee’s decision last week to leave the District’s strict gun laws alone — at least for now — appears consistent with the tea party’s resistance to federal “tyranny” but at odds with the GOP-backed movement’s strict adherence to language in the Constitution. The Republican-controlled committee voted 24-3 last […]

Tea Party hits Italy

Few people will argue that what the Tea Party stands for is not, at the very least, a great push toward individual liberty: free markets, fiscal responsibility, and constitutionally limited government have all been the main focus of the Tea Party, at least in principle, since its inception during the Obama Administration. Luckily, those principles […]