Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Signs Legislation Permitting Employers to Interrogate Female Employees About Contraception Use

  (RAW STORY)   A month or so ago, I wrote about a bill in Arizona (HB 2625) that would permit employers to opt-out of the so-called birth control mandate and interrogate their female employees about their sexual practices, all in the name of “religious freedom”: You see, if a female employee seeks a medical prescription for contraception, […]

Who Else Pays for the President’s $3.6 Trillion Deficit Cutting Plan?

By Who else has to pay in President Barack Obama’s “shared sacrifice” plan to cut the deficit by $ 3.6 trillion over ten years? FOX News analyst Jim Farrell found the following: * Increase the “pat down fee”: The government currently charges a pat-down fee of $ 2.50 per enplanement ($ 5.00 max on […]

Doctor sues family of young girl he killed with prescription drugs

(Natural News) Dr. Kevin Buckwalter of Henderson, Nev., has a history of malpractice and shady dealings during the time when he still had a practice and a license to prescribe controlled substances. Now that he has lost both, Buckwalter has sunk to a new low by countersuing the family of Andrea Duncan, a young girl […]

The FDA is Taking Action to Ban Natural Supplements

Greatest Threat Since FDA Tried to Turn Nutrients into Prescription Drugs! Listen to William Faloon discuss the FDA’s Latest Attempt to Ban your Dietary Supplements as recorded during the recent Life Extension Scientific Advisory Board meeting The FDA has just issued a proposed mandate that will enable the government to ban the most effective dietary […]

Patients Wary of Doctors’ Pharma Relationships Most U.S. Patients Think Drug Companies Influence Their Doctors, Survey Says

Many patients taking prescription drugs believe that pharmaceutical companies have too much influence over their physicians’ prescribing practices, according to a new survey.Almost half of the patients taking medications who were surveyed (47 percent) thought that gifts from pharmaceutical companies influenced their doctor’s choice of drugs. Most of them (81 percent) were concerned that physicians […]