Typhoon Haiyan: Most powerful storm to ever hit land batters Philippines with 235mph winds

ShareThis Typhoon Haiyan: Most powerful storm to ever hit land batters Philippines with 235mph winds 08 Nov 2013 One of the most powerful storms ever recorded battered the central Philippines today, bringing winds of up to 235mph and leaving a trail of devastation. At least four people were killed by the super-typhoon, which meteorologists said […]

“We Do Not Live In a Free Country”: NSA Has Copies of Emails of Most Americans, More Powerful Than Obama

theintelhub.com April 22, 2012 Democracy Now recently released a 4 part series, complete with numerous whistleblowers including former 30 year NSA employee William Binney, that documented government surveillance of everyday citizens as well as journalists inside the United States. Binney was a major source for a piece in Wired Magazine by journalist James Bamford which […]

World’s most powerful telescope to be built in 2016

It will gather so much data that a super-computer equivalent to one billion PCs will be needed to process it, and will cover 1,900 square miles. ’It will have a deep impact on the way we perceive our place in the universe and how we understand its history and its future. We know we are […]

Powerful Quake Strikes Chile

The Intel Hub | A powerful earthquake struck the central region of Chile on early Sunday evening, a brief tsunami alert was issued as well. We will bring you updates as we get them.              

Trajectory Unclear: Feb 2013 Asteroid Will Be Within Thousands of Miles of Earth; Impact Would Be As Big As Siberian Tunguska Event; 1000 Times More Powerful Than Hiroshima

Mac Salvo | Should a Tunguska type event occur on our planet today, especially over a populated metropolitan area, millions would be killed instantly, with many millions more being affected by the social and economic reverberations that may result from the catastrophe. According to NASA, there is a distinct possibility that an asteroid could hit […]