A Gray Shame – David Crowley’s Last Days

“Even though you may be killed resisting, the act of resistance on a metaphysical level has value.” – David CrowleyIn a YouTube interview by Sean Wright, David Crowley commented on Danny August Mason’s impartial approach of searching for the truth, “Like Danny said, that was the best thing he did, was taking that impartial approach […]

Designer Drugs: Did Lil Wayne Sip Too Much ‘Sizzurp’?

Intellihub.com March 23, 2013 In today’s world things are a little different as youngsters and others simply just dont drink “Big Gulps” any more from 7-Eleven. In fact, some in certain circles are sipping on what is known as “sizzurp”. According to Chris Lee; The powerful narcotic popped up on the cultural grid around the turn of the […]

Facebook Charges Fan Page Admins For Posts To Show Up In Their Followers Newsfeed

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-aGRntYKaM Federal Jack              

‘US posts elite commandos near Iran’

ShareThis ‘US posts elite commandos near Iran’ 22 Jan 2012 The US-based Wired magazine says Washington has stationed a special team of highly trained commandos near Iran’s border for possible sabotage operations. Quoting a US Army officer speaking on behalf of Special Forces, the report by Wired columnist, Spender Ackerman, said a team of “highly […]