Police Thuggery, Libertarians & Leftists Need Unite

MEDIA ROOTS – On this episode of Media Roots Radio, Abby and Robbie Martin talk about the LAPD’s manhunt against Chris Dorner, the subsequent cover-up of his death and police thuggery; how 9/11 and Ron Paul coalesced the divide between libertarians and leftists and caused people to rally behind core issues, the corporate co-option and transmogrification […]

Philip Marshall Questions – Waiting For Answers

by Greg Fernandez Jr “Even if I’d had no other reason to investigate, my airline family deserved an honest account of the attack. I might add that we also deserve this because 911 has been used against us ever since, in a running nightmare of contrived bankruptcy, draconian working conditions and hostile management.” – Philip […]

Philip Marshall – Lack of Evidence

by Greg Fernandez Jr “As a former operative in this group’s notorious covert missions, including Iran-Contra and the sting of Pablo Escobar, I recognized that this smoke rising over Manhattan might add a major piece to my large jigsaw puzzle of evidence.” – Philip Marshall (The Big Bamboozle, page 9) Philip Marshall’s first wife, Ann […]

Mexico has yet to ID any of the 49 bodies found 2 months ago

After police found 49 dismembered bodies strewn on a Mexican highway leading to the Texas border, it took the army just a week to parade an alleged drug trafficker before journalists as the man who purportedly oversaw the body dump. Yet two months after the grisly discovery in Nuevo Leon state, authorities have not identified […]

OpAnaheim DoX Police Chief John Welter – Anonymous

ShareThis #OpAnaheim DoX Police Chief John Welter #Anonymous 25 Jul 2012 @Archonymous ___________________________________________________________________   #OpAnaheim   Anaheim Police Department; They’ve killed, injured, and put others in harm when their jobs are to keep us safe. This is uncalled for, and will not be taken lightly. What goes around, comes around my friends.   We are […]

Aurora Police Chief: From Beat Cop to Intelligence Agent Operative

Shepard Ambellas | Eyewitnesses that also noticed that the shooter was not acting alone and the Aurora Police Chief is aware of it.              

Anaheim Police Shootings Spark National Protests

ShareThis Anaheim Police Shootings Spark National Protests 26 Jul 2012 A series of protests sparked after two fatal police shootings in Anaheim have caught on nationally, as several cities including New York, San Francisco and Seattle have planned demonstrations in solidarity. The protests planned for Thursday night in San Francisco and Friday at various locations […]

Confronting Cops 101 with Jimmy Justice

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange meets up with Jimmy Justice in Brooklyn, New York and gets some first hand knowledge about confronting police with a camera. Get Luke’s Shirt! http://wearechange.org/store Special thanks to Eugene V for his behind the scenes camera work Follow Luke @ http://www.twitter.com/lukewearechange Become a WeAreChange Sponsor and get exclusive behind the scenes […]

POLICE STATE FAIL: Cops attempt to raid garage sale, get sent packing

(FEDERALJACK)   A San Jose police officer storms onto private property and begins rooting through items being sold in a garage sale saying that he is looking for guns. The residents know their rights and stand up for themselves, ordering the cop off their property. From the video description: We left the children out for […]

POLICE BRUTALITY: Cop Beats 17 Year Old Girl Leading To Her Miscarriage

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wn8KNF4kX1M Federal Jack