SCHOOL SUCKS: The American Way

(School Sucks Podcast)   Don’t let the title fool you. This video is actually about how government-run schooling contributed to the rise of socialism, imperialism and eventually fascism in Germany between the 1890s and 1940s. Critical Thinking Question: In school we are led to believe that we are all living in an ideal vision of what […]

Podcast: The DHS Green Police, Protecting You from Yourself! Obama Natural Gas Executive Order | In this edition of News Brief, Joe Joseph discusses the new “Green Police” that DHS is implementing to protect you from yourself.              

Podcast Reports: Mystery Booms, Trayvon Martin, Personal Accountability, and the New World Order

The Intel Hub News Brief | Over the weekend we released three new Intel Hub News Brief podcast transmissions that covered a variety of topics including the Trayvon Martin shooting, mystery booms, personal accountability and more.              

Podcast: Eugenics, Activism, Iran, Israel, and More with Bob Tuskin, Shepard Ambellas, and Mark Glenn

Bob Tuskin Radio Show | Last night Bob Tuskin, of the Bob Tuskin Radio Show, was joined by Shepard Ambellas and Mark Glenn to discuss a variety of pertinent issues.Topics covered in this transmission include chemtrails, eugenics, activism, possible war with Iran, and much more              

Podcast: Rand Paul Detained By TSA Agents Who Violated the Constitution

The Intel Hub News Brief January 23, 2012 Senator Rand Paul was detained by the TSA today as he was attempting to fly to Washington for an important Senate session. After an apparent anomaly in the scanner reading, Paul was then asked to submit to a full body pat down which he calmly declined. Visit […]

CLG Founder Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D., on Barry Shainbaum Productions Radio Show (pod-cast of interivew)

ShareThis CLG Founder Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D., Barry Shainbaum Productions Radio Show (Pod-cast of interivew on 04 Nov 2011) 05 Nov  2011. Listen here. Citizens for Legitimate Government              

Steve Dore – Audit the Fed (song)

Steve Dore (Musician) Musician singing songs about auditing and ending the Federal Reserve, sound Constitutional money (Gold and Silver). Check out more of his songs here.              

Game Programming on Homefront – Flash Gordon’s Wonder podcast

Flash and Frank talk about Video Game Programming and Symbolism in contemporary games. Podcast available here if player fails to load (Quicktime required) Predicitive programming in Video games: Homefront              

Inside Occupy SF- Hitting the Street – Podcast

On October 15, 2011, I got inside the committee meeting and the General Assembly meeting to bring this report to We Are Change. Just hours before a monumental march in the city, the group democratically engages in the issues of using the General Funds to bail a fellow activist busted during a raid. Is the […]

Old News: Dirt on Bush- The Nazi Connection

Hopefully we’ve often heard about a Bush connection with the Nazi political party suggested throughout our research. Indeed there is one. If you want to make and back up this bold claim and back it up, simply read the first two chapters of Webster Tarpley’s book free for download here or listen to the highlights […]