Former News Reporter filing New Evidence with the Court, prepping for Habeas Corpus

Originally by Sheila Sourced from Planet Infowars Originally posted around April 26, 2015 Note: Brian was a member of We Are Change NC and was fighting against both the NDAA and a corrupt State Senator before being framed with child porn. Note: If you wish to see the documents from Internet Archive then check them […]

Former Alternative Media Head appealing criminal conviction, claimed he was framed with child pornography

Note: Posted by a anonymous family member of Brian D. Hill. His family controls his accounts until Brian is off of Supervised Release where he is prohibited from using the Internet no thanks to the corrupt politician and corrupt police that was apart of framing him. Originally by Sheila Originally sourced from Planet Infowars Originally […]

Three plead not guilty to NATO Summit terrorism charges

ShareThis Three plead not guilty to NATO Summit terrorism charges 02 Jul 2012 Three men accused of plotting to fire-bomb high-profile targets during the NATO summit in Chicago this spring pleaded not guilty on Monday to terrorism charges. Brent Betterly, 24, Jared Chase, 27, and Brian Church, 20, are accused in an 11-count indictment of […]