Adam Kokesh arrested in Philly

Alex Allen | Digital Journal Adam Kokesh, the veteran who has been planning an armed march on Washington, D.C. has been arrested for another act of civil disobedience. Earlier today, a post was made on Adam Kokesh’s official Facebook page that he had been arrested in Philadelphia during a “Smoke Down Prohibition” event. Kokesh has […]

Chris Hedges on the State of Journalism

At an Occupy event in Philadelphia, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange runs into Pulitzer Prize journalist Chris Hedges and gets his take on the state of journalism today. Follow Luke @ Become a WeAreChange Sponsor and get exclusive behind the scenes content while helping us grow! http:/// Uploads by wearechange           […]

“I hope you get AIDS.” Reporter catches people and even city employees using the handicap parking spot

(RN)   Every day in Philadelphia about 80 people are ticketed for illegally parking in a handicap parking spot or blocking access to a handicap ramp. That’s a huge burden for the disabled. But the CBS 3 I-Team wanted to know how many people are never caught doing it, and what we found blew us away. […]

Uggs Boots Banned in PA School

(CaptainBerz)   Uggs have been banned in a school in PA. Sure Uggs and other high top boots can hide stuff, but how about instead of banning Uggs they just discipline the kids that get in trouble.   Article from the L.A. Times below: “Uggs may be ugly in some fashionistas’ eyes, but should they […]

15 Occupy Philadelphia protesters arrested after blocking Eighth Street

ShareThis 15 Occupy Philadelphia protesters arrested after blocking Eighth Street 24 Oct 2011 Philadelphia police arrested 15 people associated with Occupy Philadelphia on Sunday after blocking Eighth Street near Race Street just outside Police Headquarters. The sit-in began about 17 hours earlier as a protest march against police brutality nationwide. They were the first arrests […]