Fritz Springmeier on The Rundown Live #76

“I dedicated my life to Christ and to peace and to obeying the Bible.” – Fritz Springmeier (The Rundown Live, 8/8/13) Fritz Springmeier was the guest for #76 of The Rundown Live with Mike Paczesny & Kristan T. Harris. “Back in 1975,” Springmeier told the two hosts, “I realized how corrupt this whole system is. […]

Gun Rights To Music

“We keep killin’ each other, gonna bury another, Son of a mother, who shouldn’t die before his father, But the guns are the problem when the problem is the people…” – Spread Love Verse 3 (Spread Love free download) Those are the lines I wrote to remind us that guns don’t kill people. If we […]

Spread Love (free download) by XienHow feat. Greg Fernandez Jr

Download today for free on Download today for free on In the San Francisco Bay Area, the artist known as Zyme (Co-Director) asked as many people as he could throw up a Peace sign for the camera. XienHow of Livenfire Records (Director) had a vision for the music video you are about to […]

Afghan peace negotiator shot dead

ShareThis Afghan peace negotiator shot dead 13 May 2012 An assassin armed with a silenced pistol shot dead a top member of the Afghan peace council Sunday at a traffic intersection in the nation’s capital, police said. Arsala Rahmani was a former Taliban official who reconciled with the government and was active in trying to […]

No Interest in Peace: U.S. Dismisses Syria’s Demand for Written Guarantees From Armed Rebels

Madison Ruppert | Unsurprisingly, Victoria Nuland, spokesperson for the United States State Department, rejected Syria’s wholly rational demand before peace could can be achieved.              

Iran Vs. USA: The Fix Is In

The Intel Hub By Tony Muga February 19, 2012 Wars are for profit, not peace, and behind both sides of every war are the bankers. It takes money to finance any military engagement but the banker involvement starts long before any loan takes place. Bankers are the initiators of military conflicts because ultimately, they are […]

Ohio Peace Officer Drafts NDAA Letter For Police And Sheriffs January 9, 2011 Below is a letter composed by one of our peace officers in Ohio. This letter was written to raise awareness of the ominous problems in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. Because Jim Singleton is a State chapter officer for Ohio Oath Keepers and is Ohio’s Peace Officer Liaison, this […]

Taliban leaders held at Guantanamo Bay to be released in peace talks deal

ShareThis Taliban leaders held at Guantánamo Bay to be released in peace talks deal 03 Jan 2012 The US has agreed in principle to release high-ranking Taliban officials from Guantánamo Bay in return for the Afghan insurgents’ agreement to open a political office for peace negotiations in Qatar, the Guardian has learned. According to sources […]

Palestinians plan to oust Tony Blair as Middle East peace envoy over ‘bias to Israel’

ShareThis Palestinians plan to oust Tony Blair from his role as Middle East peace envoy over ‘bias to Israel’ –Officials: Blair acting like ‘extreme’ Israeli diplomat 30 Sep 2011 Tony Blair’s job as a Middle East peace envoy is in jeopardy after officials in the Palestinian Authority accused him of acting like an ‘extreme’ Israeli […]