Media Shows No Signs of Understanding the Ron Paul Strategy So Let Me Explain it

Over the last couple of weeks, the Ron Paul campaign has picked up a majority of delegates in Iowa, Colorado, Maine, and Nevada. He’s on pace to also pick up the majority of delegates in at least four additional states…and those are just the sure things. This is all part of a process that actually […]

Monsanto declarado culpable por primera vez en Francia

reposteado de “Monsanto es responsable de los daños causados de Paul François tras la inhalación del producto Lasso”, podemos leer en la sentencia del Tribunal de Gran Instancia de Lyon. En consecuencia, el Tribunal “condena a Monsanto completamente a Paul François por los daños ocasionados” precisa la sentencia del Tribunal, tras la consulta a […]

Rand Paul Votes NO on GMO Labeling

(Farm Wars)   Thought that endorsing Romney was bad enough? In another turn of events that exposes the corporatist leanings of Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky, he has voted NO on a GMO labeling amendment to the farm bill “to permit States to require that any food, beverage, or other edible product offered for sale have […]

Grassroots lawsuit for Ron Paul supporters – Where’s the campaign? Federal Jack              

Rand Paul finally betrays the Republic he has served, No Comment on Bilderberg, endorses Mitt Romney

Was he threatened or just wanted to sellout after getting widespread public support from liberty lovers??? (Credit:; Photo has been cropped to keep the photo in compliance with Fair Use guidelines under copyright law and is posted here for informational and investigative purposes.) Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News – Note: Please […]

Rand Paul Confronted on Mitt Romney Endorsement & confront Rand Paul on endorsing a Goldman Sachs flip flopping war mongering Bilderberg puppet. WeAreChange is supported by people like you… become a WeAreChange sponsor today and help us grow! Uploads by wearechange              

The Rand Paul Fiasco with Webster Tarpley Federal Jack              

An Open Message to the Paul Family from Alex Jones Federal Jack              

Is Ron Paul Finished? What About Us?

  (STEVE STARS)   You might think that Rand Paul’s interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News spelled the end of his father’s political career, where Rand pledged his support (if not full endorsement) to Mitt Romney.  But No! They can find new ways to milk all the political capital the patriot movement has. Perhaps a […]

Rand Paul before endorsing Romney on Bilderberg and Goldman Sachs

This is a never before seen interview of Rand Paul in 2010 on the campaign trail right before becoming U.S Senator. It’s pretty amazing seeing Rand Paul make such statements against the Bilderberg Group and Goldman Sachs but yet still endorse a Goldman Sachs flip flopping Bilderberg puppet. follow for more details check out […]