Has Ex Goldman Sachs Staff turned Democrat Campaigner Infiltrated Occupy?

Through the revolving door from Goldman Sachs to the Democrat Party, an experienced campaigner has maneuvered themselves into a position of influence with the Occupation Movement in the nations capitol. Connections with MoveOn.org, and Van Jones’ Rebuild the Dream, seem to be only the tip of the iceberg. For a movement that considers itself not […]

Musical Masons / Occult In The Industry

Created by We See You NWO Published on Oct 22, 2013 WeSeeYouNWO presents an Illuminati music video featuring Drake, Jay Z, Gaga, Britney, Miley, Justin, Minaj, Little Wayne, Kanye, Ke$ha, etc. This video is blocked from the United Kingdom & many other places due to oversensitive censoring by YouTube which is now owned by Google. […]

AIG, Now 77% Government Owned Needs 6 Billion More

The Intel Hub | AIG is now trying to sell off part of the company to get 6 billion needed to payback loan.              

FTC Owned By AntiSec

ShareThis FTC Owned By AntiSec By A Guest 23 Jan 2012 #opmegaupload #antisec #anonymous #ANTISEC SEZ ITS SOPA/PIPA/ACTA RETALIATION TIME. PASS THAT TRASH AND WE WILL RM HALF THE CORPORATE INTERNET. “OnGuardOnline.gov, a partnership of fourteen federal agencies managed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)” … “the bad guys constantly develop new ways to attack […]

China granted Eminent Domain Rights to secure debts

Editor’s note: Although the original article is from 2009, recent developments of possible relevance have surfaced and appear below. by William Dupray The time for partisan bickering just ended. This is as serious as a heart attack. Obama is going to spend so much money, which he intends to get from China via the sale […]