On Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, the suspect Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis drove a van carrying a 1,000 pounds of explosives to the New York Federal Reserve building on Liberty Street. Justice Department attorney Loretta Lynch is quoted as saying Nafis “thought he was striking a blow to the American economy. He thought he […]

Doctor who ran fake CIA vaccination drive to find Osama bin Laden is jailed

Shakil Afridi faces 33 years in jail in Pakistan despite calls from senior US officials to release him. The Pakistani medical official who ran a fake CIA vaccination programme to help find Osama bin Laden has been jailed for 33 years. Dr Shakil Afridi was arrested soon after US commandos raided al-Qaida leader’s compound in […]

¿Quién era Osama?¿Quién es Obama?

Red Voltaire Mientras que el Presidente y Comandante en Jefe de Estados Unidos Barack Hussein Obama «celebra» el primer aniversario de la supuesta muerte de Osama ben Laden, se sigue sin aclarar la cuestión fundamental de quién era Osama ben Laden (Observaciones del Presidente Obama en el Discurso a la Nación desde la Base Aérea […]

Images of ‘Osama bin Laden’ killing not to be released, judge orders

ShareThis Images of ‘Osama bin Laden’ killing not to be released, judge orders –A US federal court has backed the Obama administration in refusing to release pictures or video from military operation [Osama bin Laden died in December 2001.] 26 Apr 2012 A federal judge has refused to order Barack Obama’s administration to release pictures […]

Bush and Obama, Shoulder to Shoulder

ShareThis Bush and Obama, Shoulder to Shoulder 12 Sep 2011 On Sunday, for the first time, President Obama and former President [sic] George W. Bush stood together at the site of the Sept. 11 attacks, listening as family members read the names of lost love ones and bowing their heads in silence to mark the […]

U.S. State Department warns against demonstrations

World Wide Caution So now that we are told – not shown – that Osama is dead, “U.S. government facilities worldwide remain at a heightened state of alert.” Huh. A naïve person like myself thought the mission would be accomplished by getting Osama six-feet deep.You Lie sir… On July 26th 2011 the State Department issued […]

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Osama!

Can you believe it’s Osama? What proof would convince you that the government’s story is real? Perhaps if they stuck to the same story form the beginning? What picture or video evidence were certain senators shown that led them to believe that Osama was indeed dead? Was it the same that the White House saw? […]