At The FED SF 2013 (Part 2): Day After JFK DAY

Our video begins with an activist in the middle of the street, 101 Market Street in San Francisco, California, United States of America. The republic is not as it once was. Even before the official founding of The Republic, the eventual founders and supporters knew that there would be infiltrators, provocateurs, and traitors that would […]

Rep. Byran Holloway supports NC H.R. 982 to Oppose NDAA thanks to Nullify-NDAA

Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News Note: To read to the written response (Email Record) visit the USWGO Public Records Archive or go to it directly here (154KB). Petitions do indeed work and proves that Nullify-NDAA was the most successful thing to try using real petitions with real peoples signatures. North Carolina Legislature […]

McCain: Cybersecurity Bill Ineffective Without NSA Monitoring the Net

By Kim Zetter | After three years of haggling to produce bipartisan cybersecurity legislation that addresses the security of the nation’s critical infrastructure systems, the Senate finally got a bill this week that seemed destined to actually pass. That is, until a hearing on Thursday to discuss the bill in which Sen. John McCain […]

Poll: Most oppose assault weapon ban

From A new poll indicates that more and more people now have guns in their homes, and that America’s attitude towards gun-control may be shifting. According to a new Gallup poll, 47 percent of Americans report having a gun on their property, up from 41 percent a year ago. It’s the highest number Gallup […]

GOP’s picks on panel oppose tax hike

By William Douglas and Daniel Lippman, The Sacramento Bee WASHINGTON – Republican leaders in the House of Representatives and the Senate appointed six conservative lawmakers Wednesday to the so-called super committee that’s charged with finding ways to trim the federal deficit by more than $ 1 trillion by year’s end. The six, along with three […]