Jude Who Ruled NYPD Racially Profiles Punished

The Clinton-appointed federal judge that ruled New York’s stop-and-frisk program amounts to “indirect racial profiling” got yanked off the case by an appellate court that found the jurist “ran afoul of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges.” It was a painful spanking that one of the city’s newspapers said “generated legal and political […]

Total Surveillance: NYPD Launches New All-Seeing ‘Domestic Awareness System’

theintelhub.com August 2, 2012 The New York Police Department already has thousands of cameras aimed all over the island of Manhattan, but this literal surveillance state is about to be brought up a notch. The NYPD is teaming up with Microsoft to track action across the city. Later this week, New York City Mayor Michael […]

New York City Police Officers File Suit Claiming Intimidation to Cover Up Corruption

(The Ottinger Firm)   Four current and former New York City police officers have separately filed suit in federal court claiming intimidation by other officers to cover up corruption in the police force, as reported by the New York Times. For decades, the New York Police Department has required that any officers who observe suspicious or illegal activity […]

New Jersey Muslims file federal suit to stop New York Police Department from spying on them

ShareThis New Jersey Muslims file federal suit to stop New York Police Department from spying on them 06 Jun 2012 One of the Obama administration’s go-to civil rights groups in its efforts to build relationships with American Muslims is suing the New York Police Department over its surveillance programs, some of which were paid for […]

National Geographic Exposé on The NYPD Finest “The Lombardo”

http://wearechange.org/store/ The main objective of this piece is to hopefully make you and also officer Lombardo laugh. To only make him aware of his actions and hopefully ease tensions next time he is at Occupy Wall Street. We mean no harm against Lombardo and don’t condone any hateful actions or remarks. Check out WeAreChange’s LIVE […]

NYPD says 10 protesters arrested in New York

ShareThis NYPD says 10 protesters arrested in New York 17 Apr 2012 At least 10 Occupy Wall Street protesters have been arrested during a large demonstration near the New York Stock Exchange in the US. New York Police Department said the charges included disorderly conduct, unreasonable noise, resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration. The detentions […]

1st Amendment Violated by NYPD

http://wearechange.org Watch NYPD use noise violations and disorderly conduct accusations to intimidate and arrest Occupy Wall Street protesters, including Matt of WeAreChange. Even if you disagree with why they are there, you must realize that when their rights are violated, it sets the precedent for your rights to be violated too. Check out WeAreChange’s LIVE […]

FBI, NYPD Investigate New Terror Threat Graphic Mentioning NYC

ShareThis FBI, NYPD Investigate New Terror Threat Graphic Mentioning NYC –Posting warns of al-Qaida’s return to New York City 02 Apr 2012 A computer graphic warning that al-Qaida [al-CIAduh] will return soon to New York City has been posted on an internet site linked to the terror organization, and the NYPD and FBI say they […]

NYPD Outlaws Drum Circles: Arrests at Union Square

NYPD arrests drummers at Union Square as they sing The Imperial March from Star Wars. Follow Luke at http://twitter.com/lukewearechange for updates and instant notifications for when We Are Change goes LIVE at http://ustream.tv/wearechange. Uploads by wearechange              

NYPD Censors Journalist from Filming at Union Square

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