Feds Visited Michael Hastings’ House Day Before His Death

“Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings, who was killed in a suspicious car crash after complaining that he was being harassed by the FBI, had his home visited by agents from an unnamed federal agency the day before his death, a close friend of Hastings told Infowars.” – Paul Watson Original Article from Infowars.com: Paul Joseph […]

Colo. judge bans release of suspect’s univ. docs

ShareThis Colo. judge bans release of suspect’s univ. docs 26 Jul 2012 A judge overseeing the criminal case against the suspect in the movie theater shooting has ordered the University of Colorado Denver not to release his school records. Numerous media organizations, including The Associated Press, filed open records requests for school records about former […]

ALERT: DHS Buys Up Millions of Rounds of .40 Caliber Hollow Point Ammo – Police State Takeover

The Intel Hub News Brief | In the last three years numerous domestic US government agencies (with Homeland Security being the main agency) have ordered a total of over 750 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition. On top of that they have ordered an unknown number of bullet resistant checkpoint booths.         […]

Audit finds legal problems with 84% of foreclosures

An audit of foreclosure cases ordered by San Francisco’s assessor found “clear violations of the law” in 84% of the cases studied. The violations ranged from failing to notify homeowners that they were in default to problems with the transfers of loans from one entity to another. It also found problems with the accuracy of […]

Numerous Tea Party chapters claim IRS attempts to sabotage nonprofit status

By Perry Chiaramonte, FOXNews.com Tea Party chapters around the nation are blasting the Internal Revenue Service after the federal agency sent them letters demanding information about their politics, contributors and even family members. In letters sent from IRS offices in Cincinnati earlier this month, chapters including the Waco (Texas) Tea Party and the Ohio Liberty […]

FOX News Star To Be Ron Paul’s VP?

By Joe Kovacs, WorldNetDaily.com As a variety of names are now being floated for presidential running mates, Republican candidate Ron Paul says ousted Fox News host Judge Andrew Napolitano might be at the top of his list. Paul was asked the question about whom he would like on a White House ticket with him at […]

Maine GOP: Results went to spam

By TIM MAK | Politico.com Maine Republican Party chairman Charlie Webster has admitted that the state party made numerous clerical errors in counting the state’s caucus results — even omitting some votes because emails reporting tallies “went to spam” in an email account. However, Webster insisted that the errors did not change the outcome. On […]

Obama budget predicts $1.3 Trillion deficit for 2012

President Barack Obama’s new budget predicts a $1.3 trillion deficit for the ongoing fiscal year but that would drop to $575 billion in 2018 if the president gets his wish to raise taxes and if policymakers can live within tight restraints on the Pentagon and other Cabinet agency budgets, the White House said Friday. After […]

U.N. rights chief shocked at numerous Iraq executions

ShareThis U.N. rights chief shocked at numerous Iraq executions 24 Jan 2012 The top United Nations human rights official criticized Iraq on Tuesday for carrying out a large number of executions, including 34 on a single day last week, and voiced concern about due process and the fairness of trials. “Even if the most scrupulous […]