Mind Body Soul Radio: Spiritual Introduction

A spiritual introduction to Mind Body Soul Radio. Greg Fernandez Jr. explains his view on what “The Church” is. “I want to be a part of the real church.” There is One Church. Christ is the head of the church and the people are the body of the church. This is a very spiritual show, […]


On the morning of May 1, 2012, several citizen journalist organized to provide media coverage of the planned Occupy May Day events around the San Francisco Bay Area. We met in San Francisco at 6am to see what would come of the combined Golden Gate Transit Authority and Occupy strike on the district. Originally the […]

Obama’s New EO Targets Surveillance, Censorship in Iran and Syria While Nothing is Done for Americans

By Madison Ruppert theintelhub.com April 24, 2012 Oh the irony! As our right to a fair trial, our right to live without possibly being assassinated by an out of control government, and our last shreds of privacy (if we indeed have any privacy in America today, which is highly debatable when one does the research) […]

Tea Partyers Angry at Boehner’s Stance on Payroll Tax Cut

By Martin Gould, NewsMax.com Tea party supporters in the House of Representatives have vowed to make a last-ditch stand in a bid to stave off the extension to the payroll tax holiday that their leaders have agreed to. The 62-member block of conservative members believes Speaker John Boehner and other House Republican leaders have turned […]

Hatch says position change has nothing to do with tea party

BY MATT CANHAM, The Salt Lake Tribune Sen. Orrin Hatch voted in favor of No Child Left Behind and has supported the education law in the face of angry state lawmakers and teachers groups for almost a decade. But no more. Late last week, Hatch not only voted against a revamp of the much-maligned law, […]

The Newest Global Warming Scare: Coffee & Chocolate Will Disappear If We Do Nothing