On Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, the suspect Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis drove a van carrying a 1,000 pounds of explosives to the New York Federal Reserve building on Liberty Street. Justice Department attorney Loretta Lynch is quoted as saying Nafis “thought he was striking a blow to the American economy. He thought he […]


SKY RAPE by Greg Fernandez Jr We Are Change TV There are still many questions that will be addressed, I’m sure. Is this a chemtrail? If it has chemicals in it and leaves a trail, then Yes! So anything that has a chemical can qualify as a chem-trail? No. What separates contrails from chemtrails is […]

Revealed: How Area 51 Hid Secret Craft

Source: Eresey “Hoot and scoot” sheds and cardboard decoys hid high-tech prototypes. A mock-up of an A-12 plane is radar tested on a pylon at Nevada’s secret Area 51 base in the late 1950s. No word yet on alien starships, but now that many Cold War-era Area 51 documents have been declassified, veterans of the […]

ONCE UPON A LIE: BOHEMIAN GROVE 2012 (We Are Change East Bay News)

PART TWO: We Are Change East Bay News at The Bohemian Grove protest July 14, 2012. Perhaps the same day as the Cremation of Care? Manny, Doug Millar, Walter Bradley WE ARE CHANGE EAST BAY – join us for meetings and discussion: Excerpt from “Sacrifice” by Greg Fernandez Jr. (coming soon) Alex Jones interviewed […]

The Enchantment of the Olympics and the Earthstars Matrix

Amid concerns about a possible false flag attack on the Olympic stadium, what hasn’t yet been mentioned is that the Olympic Park ~ as well as the whole of the Greater London area ~ is protected by a pair of nine-mile-high giant spirits who are quite visible to the naked eye, if you know where […]

BOHEMIAN GROVE 2012 – Doug Millar Was Pushed?

BOHEMIAN GROVE 2012 – Doug Millar Was Pushed? We Are Change East Bay News We Are Change East Bay – We Are Change TV.US –              

Are military tanks and troops being stationed on Virginia I-95?

Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News We have learned information from a veiled source in Virginia, and are trying to confirm the accuracy and authenticity of this information that military tanks and armed troops sitting on top appearing around Virginia I-95. Someone named Shawn called from Virginia and stated that there are 20-25 […]

WTF… Marine Corps bans audible farting in Afghanistan

(GUNNY G)   The United States Marine Corps has banned audible farting in Afghanistan because it is culturally offensive to civilians working with the military and members of the Afghan National Army. The Military Times Marine Corps blog, Battle Rattle recently posted the news that “audible farting has been banned for some Marines downrange because […]

Taliban releases video showing 17 beheaded Pakistani army men

ShareThis Taliban releases video showing 17 beheaded Pakistani army men 28 Jun 2012 Taliban militants have released a video showing 17 human heads which they claim are of Pakistani soldiers captured in a cross-border raid from Afghanistan early this week. The gory video was obtained by the AP news wire service in which the Pakistani […]

The truth is the Constitution has no penalties against politicians for disobeying it

Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News The reason tyranny was able to run our government as easily as we are seeing it now in the news whether mainstream or alternative, whether in secret or in darkness, is because our Bill of Rights under our U.S. Constitution doesn’t have penalties for politicians that refuse […]