FBI Knew Boston Bomber Suspects Long Before the ‘Main Event’

FBI Knew Boston Bomber Suspects Long Before the ‘Main Event’ March 31, 2014 By 21wire 21st Century Wire says… The one year anniversary of the Boston Bombing is fast approaching, and sadly, the American public are no closer to learning what really happened on the day, and in the aftermath of ‘The Main Event’. Since […]

Socialist Party of America Releases The Names of 70 Democrat Members Of Congress Who Are Members Of Their Caucus

This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. The radical Marxist-progressives (communists) took control of the democrat party some time ago. They’ve only become more emboldened with the election of Barack Obama, who was raised as a communist from birth. With their new found leader, Barack Obama, the Socialist Party of America felt […]

According To The FBI, Internet Privacy Is Now Considered To Be Suspicious Activity

The End of the American Dream Blog February 3, 2012 When you use the Internet in a public place, do you prefer to have as much privacy as possible?  Well, that makes you a potential terrorist. According to the FBI, Internet privacy is now considered to be suspicious activity. If you are out in public […]

Illinois Governor Signs Bill Banning Release of Firearm Owners Names

By Associated Press, FOXNews.com CHICAGO — Gov. Pat Quinn on Saturday signed into law a measure barring the public from knowing who holds a firearm owner identification card in Illinois. The bill, passed overwhelmingly by Illinois lawmakers in May, was a victory for gun owners who say they have a right to privacy over open-government […]

Congress wants to ban fictitious online names to enforce fear of death or silence

Author: Brian D. Hill Source: USWGO Alternative News WARNING: There is graphical content in this article that children should not view. Teens that can handle seeing gore content may proceed but anybody who cannot handle it or should not see it, you have been warned and we will not accept any legal liability for the […]