Ferguson Coverage – Greg Fernandez Jr on The Rundown Live

The Rundown Live #313 Greg Fernandez Jr (Police,Ferguson,Jesse Ventura,Wrestling) (8/13/14) On this Wednesday edition of The Rundown Live, Kristan and I go over the sponsors, and the site before we are joined by our guest Greg Fernandez Jr, getting into many topics like, the police state, live updates from Ferguson riots, Jesse Ventura lawsuit, wrestling, […]

Sweet Little Lies – Bohemian Grove 2014

Bohemian Grove 2014 Bohemian Grove 2014 Protest Awareness Event. July 12, 2014. Visit Resist The Grove on Facebook for more information. Learn more about the Bohemian Club/Grove at Bohemian Grove Exposed. More Bohemian Grove 2014 videos. Music Credits: “Mexican” by Greg Fernandez Jr. Produced & Engineered by Dublin Beats. Produced by Downtown Music. More music […]

False Flag: Philip Marshall (Chapter from The False Flag)

Audio version of the False Flag: Philip Marshall chapter from my next book The False Flag. This chapter focuses on the story of Philip Marshall’s death. Greg Fernandez Jr.’s books. Greg Fernandez Jr.’s Itunes music. Greg Fernandez Jr.’s free music. More Philip Marshall videos.              

Lyrical Content – MBS Docs

A short message about the importance of lyrical content in music. Richard Nagell – new music by Greg Fernandez Jr. featuring Zyme, Eric Golub and Shawna Darling. Produced by Dublin Beats, JRJ London and Greg Fernandez Jr. With music produced by Aleks Yakovlev, Sinema Beats, JeeJuh.com, and PS Beats.             […]

Cruel by Greg Fernandez Jr

Cruel by Greg Fernandez Jr. (from Mind Body Soul – Volume Two: Richard Nagell) Music produced by Aleks Yakovlev. Produced by Dublin Beats. From Mind Body Soul – Volume Two: Richard Nagell Written by Greg Fernandez Jr. Lyrics: (Chorus) I KNOW THE WORLD IS CRUEL BUT WHAT CAN I DO WHAT CAN A POOR MAN […]

P.D.R. – I Can Do Anything (Recording Session Clips)

Recording session of single from P.D.R. – “I Can Do Anything” by Anthony London. With recording session clips of Dublin Beats, Eric Golub and Greg Fernandez Jr. Anthony London on YouTube. Eric Golub on YouTube. Dublin Beats on Soundcloud. I Can Do Anything by Anthony London feat. Eric Golub & Greg Fernandez Jr. Produced by […]

Writing On The Wall – Greg Fernandez Jr

WRITING ON THE WALL by Greg Fernandez Jr. Produced by Dublin Beats Produced by Aleks Yakovlev Video by Anthony London Mind Body Soul Productions produced by Dublin Beats produced by Aleks Yakovlev video by Anthony London written by G. Fernandez Jr. from P​.​D​.​R. – Pop Dance Rap music by Aleks Yakovlev mixed and mastered by […]

Police Thuggery, Libertarians & Leftists Need Unite

MEDIA ROOTS – On this episode of Media Roots Radio, Abby and Robbie Martin talk about the LAPD’s manhunt against Chris Dorner, the subsequent cover-up of his death and police thuggery; how 9/11 and Ron Paul coalesced the divide between libertarians and leftists and caused people to rally behind core issues, the corporate co-option and transmogrification […]

New Year’s Eve! Dance Mix & Happy New Year from Mike Paczesny

Happy New Year! from Mind Body Soul Productions, We Are Change TV.US, and We Are Change Milwaukee! Dance in the New Year to over 30 minutes of P.D.R. music! Suitable for all ages, for all years, forever! Special thanks to the man who made a dream called P.D.R. into reality, Dublin Beats. Dublin Beats produced, […]

Truth Music: XienHow

“Cameras on all corners” – XienHow “They say it’s the land of the free, but don’t want us.” – XienHow Music is a big part of our lives. Through music, the Illuminati has declared war on Truth Music of all sorts and genres. As a response, we at Mind Body Soul Productions are dedicated to […]