Ranchers in the middle of the US are selling off cattle as a mounting drought withers their grazing land and cornfields

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NSC wants rules on research that could lead to biological weapons

The National Security Council is moving to exert greater federal control over scientific studies of highly lethal diseases and toxins in the face of mounting fears that the research could be used by terrorists and rogue states [aka the US], according to people with knowledge of the process. 18 Feb 2012 Under the NSC’s guidance, […]

Outrage mounting of UC police treatment of protesters

ShareThis Outrage mounting of UC police treatment of protesters 21 Nov 2011 As the University of California faces national condemnation over its handling of student demonstrations, on Monday UC-Davis’ chancellor offered a personal apology, while UC’s president instructed chancellors to protect the rights of peaceful protest. Images of students being doused with pepper spray at […]