Bohemian Grove 2013

It’s been 13 years since Alex Jones and Mike Hanson infiltrated the Bohemian Grove and filmed the Cremation of Care The Cremation of Care is a satanic ritual where people sacrifice a wooden human body before a giant stone owl. The events recorded inside the Bohemian Grove were too much for me to ignore. Here […]

Waldo County mostly missing from official Maine GOP results

By Ethan Andrews, Waldo Village Soup The Maine Republican Party drew criticism over the weekend for declaring Mitt Romney the statewide winner without results from Washington County, where voters had planned to meet on the same day as the statewide announcement — Feb. 11 — but canceled the night before based on reports of a […]

NATO Doesn’t Yet Know How To Protect Its Networks

Wired February 3, 2012 BRUSSELS, Belgium — America’s top generals and intelligence officers openly admit that they’ve got no way of keeping up with the onslaught of attacks on U.S. networks. But a visit to NATO Headquarters makes the American brass look totally l33t. Officials with the transatlantic military alliance say they totally get that they need to protect […]

Pesticide exposure in expectant mothers causes lower IQ in newborns

Three separate studies recently published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives indicate prenatal pesticide exposure to fetuses negatively impact a child’s learning ability. Their IQs tend to be lower. The greater the umbilical cord pesticide blood levels, the lower the child’s IQ. Research Focus These toxins originated mostly from conventional agriculture’s heavily sprayed foods. But […]